March Networks Launches Compact, All-IP Video Recording Platform For Advanced Bus Surveillance And Incident Investigation

March Networks®, a global provider of intelligent IP video solutions, announced a new video recording platform purpose-built to capture high-definition IP video and integrated vehicle data in demanding bus environments. March Networks RideSafe™ MT Series IP Recorders provide transportation agencies with sharp megapixel video evidence, automated wireless downloading, Power over Ethernet, and innovative search and investigation capabilities, all while maintaining the exceptional reliability and ease of service customers have come to expect from March Networks.

6-Year-Old May Have Been Slapped By Bus Driver – Parents Want Video For Answers

A Belleville, IL, family has questions about a school bus incident that the surveillance video would answer, which is why they say they’ve been asking to see the video for the last four months. Stacy and Mic Barringer say their 9-year-old daughter told them in April that a Belleville school bus driver slapped their son, who was 6-years-old, on his arm. At the time of the alleged incident, the school district, Belleville District 118, had a contract with the private bus company First Student, Inc., which employed the driver. The driver was later reassigned to a different route, according to the family and the district.

March Networks Adds New Megapixel Cameras For Bus, Rail Fleets

March Networks®, a global provider of intelligent IP video solutions, is pleased to introduce new mobile IP-cameras to its complete transportation solution for bus, light rail, and passenger rail fleets. Designed to provide transit operators with improved and more comprehensive surveillance coverage, the megapixel cameras are purpose-built to withstand demanding mobile environments and capture consistently clear video in near darkness, bright daylight, and the abrupt lighting transitions that occur when vehicles enter and exit tunnels and underpasses.

Apollo Video Technology Named Market Leader In Transit Bus Video Surveillance

Apollo Video Technology, a leading manufacturer of mobile video surveillance and fleet management solutions, has been named the transit bus market leader in the Americas in the 2017 edition of the Mobile Video Surveillance and Body Worn Cameras Report. Apollo Video has maintained its position as market leader in the Americas since 2010. The report released by IHS Markit, a global business information and analytics provider, ranks companies based on annual sales revenue.

Apollo Video Technology Recognized as Market Leader in Transit Bus Video Surveillance

Apollo Video Technology (Apollo Video) has been named the transit bus market leader in the Americas according to the 2015 edition of the World Market for Mobile Video Surveillance Equipment report. Released by IHS Inc., a global business information and analytics provider, the report ranks companies based on annual sales revenue and is published every-other year. For the third consecutive time, Apollo Video was recognized as the market leader in the Americas, an achievement held since 2010.

DART Bus Drivers Say Cameras Tag Them, but Crimes Ignored

Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s use of surveillance cameras to monitor bus drivers’ behavior is drawing criticism from employees who say they’re being penalized for minor infractions while criminal activity caught on video is going ignored. During a 12-month period that ended in July, DART supervisors coached drivers on behavior caught on camera an average of 678 times a month.

Boston Adds Security Cameras To School Buses

Says system will aid in discipline, safety Andrew Prince, a technician with the Boston School Department, installed a video camera in one of the school buses that will be used this fall. When Boston students board their school buses this fall, they may want to watch what they say and do. Boston is equipping all […]

Sony Mini Dome IP-Camera Crafted For Train And Bus Surveillance

It’s a duty of every public transport operator to provide an environment that’s safe, secure, and reassuring for passengers and employees alike. Video security is an increasingly crucial part of every journey by train, bus or tram. Customers of all ages often value the discreet presence of a watchful eye in the carriage. And in […]

Trouble On The CTA: Do Rider Cameras Capture More Then Security Cameras?

The CTA says it’s trains and buses are safe, and for the majority of users, that’s true. But for those who get caught in the middle of a fight on a confined train or bus, it’s hard to feel safe at all, wspecially if help isn’t close by. Drug use, physical violence, and bullying are […]

Seneca Valley PA Schools Could Permit Audio Surveillance On Buses

Seneca Valley School District officials will soon be able to listen to pupils on their buses as well as watch them. School board members passed the first reading tonight of a policy that will permit audio recording on school buses. The district already has video surveillance equipment on all of its buses. District spokeswoman Linda Andreassi said they must vote on the policy three times before it can go into effect. She said they expect to start using the audio equipment on buses next school year. Jim Pearson, district transportation director, said the bus surveillance cameras are audio capable but the audio was shut off because state law did not permit audio recordings. Mr. Pearson said state law changed last month when the governor signed Senate Bill 57 allowing audio recordings on school vehicles for disciplinary or security purposes. The new law requires school districts to adopt a policy authorizing the use of audio equipment, to post warnings on buses that audio is being recorded and send parents written notices each year about the audio taping, Mr. Pearson said. He said there should be no additional costs to the district for the audio on the buses, but the district has two vans without any video or audio monitoring equipment. Adding the equipment to those vehicles would cost about a $1,000 for each vehicle, he said. Laure Cioffi, freelance writer: suburbanliving@post-gazette.com

Experimental Webcam IP-Connected Bus Route In Paris

Experimental IP-connected bus route in Paris French Public Transportation provider RATP is currently conducting an experimental “Internet Protocol (IP) in Motion” project on the bus line No. 38 in Paris. The technology provides realtime connectivity for ‘Dilidam,’ a key information initiative for travellers on the RATP transport network, including real time transit and localised passenger information, as well as news or entertainment clips. The on board video surveillance system and other professional applications now have permanent IP connectivity, improving RATP’s customers’ security, safety and travel information. IP Connectivity is now available “on the move” due to an open ecosystem including wireless service providers of any type as well as private wireless networks and a clearing house business function which aggregates data flows and reconciles billing information. Cisco’s Mobile 3200 Series Wireless & Mobile router and Cisco IOS IP mobility solutions connect the vehicles to the RATP back end servers. IP mobility provides an automatic connection and seamless roaming using the different wireless technologies, Wi-Fi and EDGE, and networks. With this innovative approach, RATP and Cisco are demonstrating that IP Mobility technologies can seamlessly extend the enterprise premises to “on the move” LANs. A panel of industry experts at Networkers 2005 awarded RATP the Mobility and Wireless award for its innovative implementation of Wireless and Mobility last December in Cannes. “IP mobility extends the reach of enterprise intranets to professional vehicle fleets. IP connectivity across wireless technologies and networks allows key customers applications to continuously run even ‘on the move’,” […]

Surveillance Cameras Installed On Detroit Buses To Help Curb Violence

Detroit — The city on Monday will begin outfitting its bus fleet with surveillance equipment in an ongoing effort to curb violence on some of its most troubled routes. Detroit’s Chief Operating Officer Gary Brown says the initial, $123,000 effort will equip 50 city buses with cameras within a month. The safety upgrades come days after a 14-year-old boy was stabbed after attempting to quell a dispute between two other passengers on one of the city’s most problematic routes. The violent incident marks the latest attack among riders and drivers and highlights the need for safety upgrades within the system. “The cameras will cut down on those fights and defuse them quicker,” Brown said. “This will make everybody understand that security is a top priority and you are being monitored.” Brown said eight cameras will be hard-wired into each bus, providing a comprehensive view as well as audio inside and outside. The wireless feed will be transmitted to a server that’s accessible whenever needed. The initial equipment is being provided and installed by Canada-based SEON, which provided security cameras for the SMART bus system. Brown said the city will solicit bids to complete the work on an additional 200 buses in the fleet after federal transit officials complete a review of its request for proposals. The effort is being funded through Federal Transit Administration dollars. The department has 445 total buses in its fleet, but has plans to retiree 100 and purchase 50 new buses. “This is simply not […]

$7M In New Surveillance Cameras To BeIinstalled On Boston Buses

Privacy SOS Despite the fact that the crime rate on public transit systems in Boston is  declining , the MBTA has just announced that it intends to install brand new surveillance camera systems inside hundreds of buses throughout the city. The Boston region’s millions of commuters and hundreds of thousands of residents can once again thank the federal Department of Homeland Security for yet another hit to our privacy.    From  Boston Magazine : The MBTA is retrofitting 225 buses in its fleet with new high-tech cameras that show the insides of the vehicles from multiple angles. Not only will the transit authority be able to get a better look at who’s riding the bus, but each installation includes a four-screen monitor housed at the front of the vehicles, affording other riders utilizing the transit system a chance to see what’s happening during their commute. So far, only 10 vehicles have been retrofitted with the new devices, but MBTA officials said by summertime 215 more vehicles will feature the same updated technology. Money to pay for the cameras came in the form of a federal grant from the Department of Homeland Security. The MBTA is relying completely on the nearly $7 million allocation to purchase and install the cameras and multi-view surveillance screens. The T spent none of its own money on this particular project, officials said. According to the Boston Magazine report, the system enables MBTA police to wirelessly link into the surveillance cameras on each bus, raising […]