Georgia Power Introduces SiteView Video Surveillance And Security Service

As physical security and video surveillance becomes more ubiquitous, more vendors are offering solutions and services to help protect commercial assets. And now Georgia Power, a southern U.S. utility company is getting into the act. Georgia Power is introducing SiteView™, a powerful new video surveillance and security tool, offered as part of the company’s growing menu of optional services. With SiteView, commercial, industrial, and governmental customers have the option to obtain a high-definition camera system, owned, installed, and maintained by Georgia Power with no upfront cost. The service will also be available to homeowner associations and multi-family residential developments. SiteView cameras are mounted on new or existing outdoor lighting poles and the video is provided directly to the customer’s on-site video recorder or third-party cloud-based storage.

72 Watt Infrared LED Light Emitter Released by Larson Electronics

The LEDLB-24E-IR-1550NM LED light bar from Larson Electronics offers high infrared light output and extreme durability for demanding operating conditions. This infrared LED light bar produces 1550 nanometers of infrared light on the end of the light spectrum and produces a beam that is 900′ long by 100′ wide. This light operates on any voltage ranging from 9 to 42 volts DC and provides an extremely rugged infrared lighting solution that is ideal for use in commercial and industrial security applications.

Good Tips for Avoiding Hot Spots When Using Infrared Surveillance Cameras

As more retail stores sell lower cost video surveillance cameras, the level of expertise given to the customer is waning leading to almost pointless protection. A lot of low cost surveillance cameras have integrated infrared (IR) lighting positioned in a ring surrounding the lens, which probably sounds like a great approach because these cameras can see at nighttime. In fact some have a specification of zero lux. While it is true that they will work in complete darkness (0 lux), what is actually not mentioned is at what range.

Only One in 10 Consumers Claim to Be Familiar With Smart Home Devices

A smart thermostat is the most popular potential smart home purchase. – The Internet of Things may be a hot topic in tech circles but it appears that it’s not a popular topic of discussion in the average US household, yet. A new white paper, Smart Home Ecosystem: IoT and Consumers created and published jointly by the Consumer Electronics Association and Parks Associates shows that when it comes to smart thermostats, smartphone-operated security systems, and app-controlled lighting systems US consumers are still very much in the dark.

Identifying Humans at Night With Face or Ear Recognition

In this interview, Dr. Thirimachos Bourlai, an expert at the forefront of face recognition technology, shares his opinions regarding the challenges of night time facial recognition systems. He also sheds light on the advantages and disadvantages of using visible or infrared sensors for practical facial recognition applications and scenarios.

Raytec Illuminators With PoE

Raytec’s range of Vario network illuminators has now been extended to include PoE capability and four new model sizes in both Infrared and White light. PoE capability allows for a much quicker and more cost effective lighting installation. Vario IP PoE illuminators can be easily integrated onto an existing network infrastructure, with no local mains […]

Iluminar Lights The Way For The Weather Channel’s Tornado Track

Iluminar, a specialist manufacturer and supplier of infrared (IR) and white light illuminators and license plate recognition products, has been hand-picked by NBCUniversal’s The Weather Channel to light the way for its Tornado Track crew. Featured regularly on The Weather Channel each time they are on the road chasing storms, the Tornado Track crew is […]

Sony Mini Dome IP-Camera Crafted For Train And Bus Surveillance

It’s a duty of every public transport operator to provide an environment that’s safe, secure, and reassuring for passengers and employees alike. Video security is an increasingly crucial part of every journey by train, bus or tram. Customers of all ages often value the discreet presence of a watchful eye in the carriage. And in […]