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VIVOTEK Launches Four New Network WDR Cameras

VIVOTEK is pleased to announce the launch of four brand new network cameras, including two professional bullet-style network cameras, the IB8338-H and IB8338-HR, and two professional fixed-dome network cameras, the FD8138-H and FD8338-HV. All of these advanced cameras are equipped with the latest 1-Megapixel CMOS sensor, 2.8 ~ 12 mm vari-focal, P-iris lens, VIVOTEK’s advanced Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Pro technology.

Good Tips for Avoiding Hot Spots When Using Infrared Surveillance Cameras

As more retail stores sell lower cost video surveillance cameras, the level of expertise given to the customer is waning leading to almost pointless protection. A lot of low cost surveillance cameras have integrated infrared (IR) lighting positioned in a ring surrounding the lens, which probably sounds like a great approach because these cameras can see at nighttime. In fact some have a specification of zero lux. While it is true that they will work in complete darkness (0 lux), what is actually not mentioned is at what range.

VIVOTEK Has Released Two New Fixed Dome Network Cameras

VIVOTEK announced the launch of two new fixed dome network cameras, the FD8155H and the FD8165H. Both cameras are designed with a high-resolution CMOS sensor and feature numerous advanced technologies, such as Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), Smart IR, and 3D Noise Reduction, thereby delivery superior image quality.

VIVOTEK Launches 720p HD Speed Dome Network Camera SD8333-E

VIVOTEK announced the launch of its 720p HD speed dome network camera, SD8333-E. This camera maintains all of the advanced features of VIVOTEK’s latest speed dome camera SD8364E, such as a 30x optical zoom lens, NEMA 4X-rated housing, image defog, a wide temperature range and electronic image stabilization (EIS) technology. Featuring a 720p HD CMOS sensor, WDR Pro technology and removable IR-cut filter, SD8333-E is able to deliver superb image quality under challenging lighting conditions around the clock.

Hikvision Adds 6MP IP-Camera to Smart Range

Hikvision’s range of Smart IP-cameras has been boosted with the launch of the ultra-high-resolution DS-2CD4065F-(A) network box camera. This latest design boasts a large 6-megapixel sensor aimed at delivering razor-sharp 3072 x 2048 images at 25fps. This model is capable of delivering real-time full HD 1080p video streams at 60 fps and sustaining up to 20 concurrent live-view channels.

VIVOTEK Unveils Two State-of-the-Art 5-Megapixel Fisheye Fixed Dome Network Cameras

VIVOTEK is pleased to announce the launch of its two market leading and innovative network cameras: FE8181 and FE8181V. In addition to 5-Megapixel and fisheye fixed dome features, the cameras are furnished with a removable IR-cut filter for Day & Night functionality, and a built-in 10 meter IR Illuminator for uniform lighting across a 360° surround view, making them standouts in the fisheye camera market. With the IR features superior image quality is guaranteed throughout the entire day.

VIVOTEK Wins IP-Camera Excellence Award At Secutech Taipei 2014

VIVOTEK has won the Camera Excellence Award at Secutech Taipei for the past four consecutive years. VIVOTEK is honored to announce its achievement in “IP-Camera Excellence Award " at Secutech Taipei 2014, the international exhibition and conference for electronic security, info security, fire, and safety held in the Taipei from the 19th to the 21st […]

Brigates Announces MCCD Sensors For Security Cameras

Brigates (Chinese name – Rui Kunshan Microelectronics Inc.) announces BG0601 and BG0631 MCCD sensors for PAL-resolution security cameras. MCCD is a CMOS sensor which has CCD-compatible external interface. It be used in place of CCD in security camera, with some modifications: AFE is integrated onto the sensor and HV driver is not needed: Brigates Chairman Luo Wenzhe presents MCCD technology

Differentiating CCD And CMOS Image Sensors

Source: Alf Chang | Date: 12/25/2013 Related tags: Cmos , CCD , CompoSec A core component of security cameras, CCD and CMOS image sensors have in the last few years parted ways in terms of applications and characteristics, sensitivity, noise reduction and energy consumption. At the same number of pixels, CCD sensors have outperformed CMOS sensors in sensitivity; CCD sensors also take in more light than CMOS sensors of the same size. In real-world applications, however, CMOS sensors deliver the same level of performance as their CCD counterparts in low-light cameras. This makes CMOS sensors the preferred image sensor for HD cameras. What to Look for in a CMOS Sensor In theory, CCD sensors allow a higher resolution than CMOS sensors of the same size. In practice, image sensor suppliers overcome this simply by making larger image sensors since security cameras do not have space constraints. Major image sensor suppliers for the security market like Aptina, Omnivision, Sony and Sharp, use this advantage to continue to enhance the performance of CMOS image sensors. Currently, most HD cameras on the market use 1/1.8”, 1/2.5”, 1/2.7” or 1/2.8” image sensors. By testing IP megapixel cameras on the market, it is possible to find a CMOS sensor that is practical in both price and performance.

The IndigoVision Ultra 5K Fixed Camera. Ultra-High Resolution. Winning Performance.

The IndigoVision Ultra 5K Fixed Camera. Ultra-High Resolution. Winning Performance. Wednesday, 11 December 2013 12:30 Announcing the IndigoVision Ultra 5K Fixed Camera – the first ultra-high resolution security camera to deliver outstanding image detail and video performance in ALL lighting conditions. “Having ultra-high resolution means a single camera can give greater overall situation awareness, while providing better digital zoom. Ultra-high resolution means less cameras are required.” stated Alex Swanson, IndigoVision’s Head of Engineering. “The IndigoVision Ultra 5K has an ultra-high resolution of five thousand horizontal pixels, delivering incredible image detail and wider scene coverage from a single camera. Operators can get an extreme close up through the Ultra 5K’s powerful digital zoom, safe in the knowledge that every detail in the scene is continuously captured and recorded.   The challenge with ultra-high resolution is delivering video quality that the security industry expects in all lighting conditions. Until now, ultra-high resolution cameras have failed by using technology designed for industries such as medical imaging. The IndigoVision Ultra 5K has a cutting edge CMOS sensor with Global Shutter and Wide Dynamic Range. Outstanding image processing performance of 120 Megapixels per second gives 6 frames per second video.   A winner in both real-life and laboratory tests, the IndigoVision Ultra 5K delivers ten times better low lux performance and double the frames per second than other ultra-high resolution cameras. ”   concluded Alex. Fully ONVIF compliant, the Ultra 5K is optimised to work with IndigoVision’s Control Center video management software and Networked […]

Cricket Security IP-Camera Family

Cricket IP security camera family – Point Grey 2 December 2013 Point Grey Point Grey has released the PoE-enabled Cricket IP security camera family. The first two available Cricket models offer 720p and 1080p resolutions at 60fps, using Sony Exmor CMOS sensors suitable for low-light conditions and dynamic scenes. The Cricket camera employs Sony’s Xarina IP camera platform, which integrates Sony’s image signal processing and video encoding capabilities to provide multi-image wide dynamic range functionality, 2D and 3D noise reduction, H.264 and MJPEG compression, multi-streaming, and ONVIF compatibility. Both models are compatible with 1/3 inch manual iris or DC auto iris lenses, sold separately. Click here to find out more

AirLive Releases 2-Megapixel 20X Optical Zoom Speed Dome IP-camera

Published on 16 Sep, 2013 AirLive Speed Dome IPCam provides Crystal clear evidence and speedy investigation with its 2-Megapixel Sony Progressive CMOS Sensor with Super Wide Dynamic Range and High Frame Rate, 20X Optical Zoom and High-Speed Pan/Tilt Mechanism, and Wide Temperature Range and Weather-Proof IP66 Rated. Law enforcement officers are constantly improving their crime investigation capabilities through advanced surveillance tools that can assist them in obtaining valuable data. Surveillance tools can provide both visual and audio resource and information about the crime scene, and police officers can witness first hand crime happened reason and people who might be involved. However, not all video surveillance tools are created equally. Law enforcement surveillance officers can maximise their use of video surveillance if their equipment possesses the right kind of features useful for crime investigations. AirLive 2-Megapixel Sony Progressive CMOS Sensor with 20X Optical Zoom Speed Dome IP Camera with its Sony CMOS sensor, users can see smooth video with 30FPS at full HD resolution in 0.05lux surroundings. Surveillant can monitor great larger area by only one AirLIve Speed Dome IP Camera (SD-2020) with its High-Speed precise pan/tilt mechanism and intelligent analytics abilities. AirLive Speed Dome IP Camera (SD-2020) can work under the harsh condition from -40 to 50 Ceisius degree. In addition, IP66 rated housing can also protect camera from heavy rain and sand storms damages. With AirLive SD-2020 user gets very flexible and powerful high quality tool for bringing his security system to the higher level. For more product […]