Image sensor

Good Tips for Avoiding Hot Spots When Using Infrared Surveillance Cameras

As more retail stores sell lower cost video surveillance cameras, the level of expertise given to the customer is waning leading to almost pointless protection. A lot of low cost surveillance cameras have integrated infrared (IR) lighting positioned in a ring surrounding the lens, which probably sounds like a great approach because these cameras can see at nighttime. In fact some have a specification of zero lux. While it is true that they will work in complete darkness (0 lux), what is actually not mentioned is at what range.

Sony’s 12.40M-Effective Pixel Color CMOS Image Sensor

Sony has developed an approximately 12.40M pixels back-illuminated CMOS image sensor, supporting Type 1/2 and 4K (approximately 17:9 ratio) video. This image sensor has advantages in both high resolution and high sensitivity with back-illuminated structure 1.85μm unit pixel. This will ideally suit next generation 4K security camera. Some highlighted features include: • Back-illuminated structure 1.85 […]

CMOS Video Camera System Offers 100+ Megapixels At 60 FPS

Forza Silicon, a leader of advanced image sensor and mixed-signal IC designs for digital camera applications, introduces the unprecedented Forza 100+ MP CAM Platform featuring a customizable CMOS image sensor operating at 60 frames per second (fps) and supporting multiple camera resolutions. The dual-mode camera operates in B&W or color and produces high-quality video at […]