OmniVision And MStar Partnering On New Imaging Applications With Infrared Processing And Scene Reproduction

OmniVision Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, announced that the company’s second-generation RGB-Ir image sensors, the OV9756 and the OV4686, will be supported by MStar’s new on-chip image signal processor, the MSC318. The MSC318 is designed for security IP camera solutions and for driving recorder video cameras in automotive imaging applications. OmniVision’s OV9756 and OV4686 were selected for their advanced infrared sensitivity to produce excellent videos in all lighting conditions in an ultra-compact industrial design.

Sharp Develops Night-Vision Camera That Captures Color Video in Total Darkness

Sharp Corporation has developed the industry’s first infrared color night-vision camera capable of capturing color video in pitch-dark (zero lux) environments. The new infrared color night-vision camera will be marketed to corporate customers such as security camera system manufacturers. It uses near-infrared light for illumination to enable color images to be captured in total darkness (zero lux) – a first for the industry.

PureTech Systems Integrates With General Dynamics Cameras

PureTech Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer of geospatial video analytic software, announced that it has integrated its PureActiv geospatial surveillance solution with General Dynamics Global Imaging Technology’s line of VZ-series mid- to long-range cooled electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) multi-sensor camera systems.

Identifying Humans at Night With Face or Ear Recognition

In this interview, Dr. Thirimachos Bourlai, an expert at the forefront of face recognition technology, shares his opinions regarding the challenges of night time facial recognition systems. He also sheds light on the advantages and disadvantages of using visible or infrared sensors for practical facial recognition applications and scenarios.

Raytec Illuminators With PoE

Raytec’s range of Vario network illuminators has now been extended to include PoE capability and four new model sizes in both Infrared and White light. PoE capability allows for a much quicker and more cost effective lighting installation. Vario IP PoE illuminators can be easily integrated onto an existing network infrastructure, with no local mains […]

Iluminar Lights The Way For The Weather Channel’s Tornado Track

Iluminar, a specialist manufacturer and supplier of infrared (IR) and white light illuminators and license plate recognition products, has been hand-picked by NBCUniversal’s The Weather Channel to light the way for its Tornado Track crew. Featured regularly on The Weather Channel each time they are on the road chasing storms, the Tornado Track crew is […]

Xtralis Sets New Performance Benchmark With Award-Winning 220-Meter PIR

Xtralis, the world’s leading provider of very early & reliable detection and remote visual verification safety and security solutions, announced the ADPRO® PRO E-Super Long Range (SLR) passive infrared (PIR) detector, the industry’s longest range detector. This product is a member of the ADPRO PRO E-portfolio of volumetric, curtain, and directional solutions for perimeter protection […]

Understanding Night Vision Surveillance Cameras

    By : Alison Reid    Submitted 2014-03-05 01:10:02 There is really no need to justify the requirement of a security camera. The ones that have the best security systems installed in their homes and offices have security cameras installed as part of these systems. It is one thing being aware of a security system in place and a completely different feeling of security when you can see the action through a security camera. And one shouldn’t just be satisfied with security cameras being installed inside their homes and offices. Today a night vision surveillance camera or an outdoor dome camera is as important. A night vision surveillance camera can be of many types but its primary function is to capture videos outside your home or office even at night. During the daytime such a camera functions like a standard high definition camera but it comes onto its own at night and offers this additional functionality. Night vision as a concept is not new and the first nighttime pictures were captured by Richard Maddox way back in 1871. Today a night vision surveillance camera uses an image intensifier to capture images in low light and in some cases, no light. Even when the light is minimum the lens can focus the photons (light in this case) on the photocathode of the image intensifier. This releases the electrons from the cathode. The electrons are accelerated by an electric field and their speed is increased. There is a microchannel plate with […]

KeyLemon, SoftKinetic Launch New Facial Recognition System

keylemon logo January 21, 2014 –  KeyLemon  has launched a new wide-spectrum facial recognition system developed with SoftKinetic . According to the company, by analyzing incoming data using both visible light and infrared cameras in parallel, this innovative technology accurately identifies faces in most lighting conditions and is highly resistant to ID spoofing attacks using photos and videos. The key to the system’s tolerance of diverse lighting conditions comes from its use of both visible light and infrared imaging. 20 points of comparison are made for face matching. The system is also able to detect the difference between a live face, versus an image or video, as its ual-camera imaging system evaluates inputs for infrared heat signatures. “This technology gives users high security without headaches,” Gilles Florey, KeyLemon co-founder and CEO said. “Since our dual-camera face ID system operates continuously, in the background and without any interaction required, users forget it’s even there, protecting their data 24/7. And that’s always been a top priority for us. In our view, technology that gets out of your way is the best technology of all.” “Secure, fast and reliable face identification is an excellent use of 3D technology and our DepthSense camera,” Eric Krzeslo, chief marketing officer at SoftKinetic said. “By combining 3D and infrared (IR) data with face recognition technology, individuals and enterprises who require the highest level of security now have an excellent solution.” “The uses for this technology are nearly limitless, from consumer devices to enterprise, automotive, medical, online banking, […]

New 1000TVL CCTV Camera From Sunivision

Sunivision has released a new CMOS analog camera at 1000TVL with 42 IR LEDs, is waterproof, outdoor, infrared, night vision camera. The Sunivision AP-1135SAH10 camera specifications include IR at a distance of 40m, Lens: 4-9MM, signal to noise ratio 50dB, TV format of PAL/NTSC, IP66 protection and comes with a two year warrant from date […]