PureTech Systems Integrates With General Dynamics Cameras


Combination provides a multi-sensor solution utilizing video analytics and camera control for long range surveillance.

PureTech Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer of geospatial video analytic software, announced that it has integrated its PureActiv geospatial surveillance solution with General Dynamics Global Imaging Technology’s line of VZ-series mid- to long-range cooled electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) multi-sensor camera systems.

The integration enables the camera systems to utilize PureTech’s thermal video analytic and long range , map-based PTZ control capabilities.

The resulting solution is ideal for a wide range of homeland security applications requiring long-range targeting and wide-area perimeter surveillance including border and coastal protection.

The solution leverages PureTech’s video analytic capabilities, providing the ability to detect and dynamically display the target’s location on a map-enabled, geospatial command and control.

Paired with the EO/IR capabilities of the VZ-series day and thermal sensors, the integrated solution targets surveillance and reconnaissance in ground-based defense and homeland security missions requiring maximum detection distance, in most degraded weather conditions, day or night.

The VZ-series of EO/IR multi-sensor camera systems also includes step zoom or continuous zoom thermal camera options, both of which have been incorporated into the integration.

“The combination of the VZ-series long range imagers and pan-tilt-zoom control with PureTech Systems’ thermal video analytics and map based camera control provides compelling long-range sensor capabilities,” explains Eric Olson, vice president of marketing at PureTech Systems.
“Pointing a camera to a target or location several kilometers away is a difficult task, but it becomes very efficient.”

Source: securitynewsdesk.com

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