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Biggest Cybersecurity Threat Facing Federal Agencies Is legacy IT

Improving our cyber posture is among the top priorities for the Trump administration. However, there are still many questions raised as to how they hope to achieve this goal. As we have seen over the past several years, high-profile hacks are practically the norm. Starting with the OPM data breach in 2015, which affected millions of current and former federal employees to Russia’s efforts to influence our election through hacking of our political parties, cyberattacks have become a constant source of news and frustration in our lives.

US Requires Drones to Be Registered

The U.S. Department of Transportation will require recreational drone operators to register their aircraft with the federal government. A new task force has been formed to determine which aircraft should be exempt from the registration The federal government will seek to register all drones, including the lighter, remote-controlled crafts favored by hobbyists, so it can track down any drone pilots who collide with other aircraft or violate rules for safe flights. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said recently the new rules will apply to hobbyists as well as commercial drone operators, who already register.

Study Says That More Than 50 Percent of Federal Video Surveillance Data Goes Unanalyzed

Video Surveillance data when analyzed carefully will give a lot of informative outcomes. But a recent study made by MeriTalk —a public-private partnership dedicated to improve outcomes of government IT— says that 54% of video surveillance data gathered by the federal government goes unanalyzed leaving a vast amount of information on the table when it comes to improving the nation’s security.

Intelligence Blunder: You Wanna Be Australia’s Spyboss? No Problem, Just Walk Right In

The Australian Security Intelligence Service, ASIS, has seemingly demonstrated a peculiar weakness in its access control systems. A fluke administrative stuff-up allowed its Director-General —its most senior and therefore most sensitive role— to turn up and function for five days while he wasn’t actually employed by the organization.

Las Vegas Installs 37 DHS Surveillance Cameras On The Strip

What happens in Vegas… is now recorded by cameras provided by the Department of Homeland Security. All along the storied Las Vegas Strip, 37 surveillance cameras watch and record every movement. Such an expensive purchase might surprise citizens of Sin City given that the Metropolitan Police Department is in the middle of a hiring freeze […]