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San Jose Police Can Tap Into Volunteer Residents’ Cameras Under Newly-Approved Program

San Jose, CA, Police will be able to quickly view footage from volunteer residents’ private security cameras under a new program designed to increase the eyes and ears of San Jose’s depleted police force. The San Jose City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to create a police department database of all private security cameras owned by residents and businesses willing to participate, starting as soon as next month. Police will not be able to view live feeds from the cameras, but a map of nearby cameras will allow detectives to know if a crime was likely to have been caught on tape.

Michael Dell Funding Eagle Eye Networks To Move Surveillance Camera Feeds Into The Cloud

Last month, Google-owned Nest made headlines when it confirmed rumors that it was acquiring connected-camera company Dropcam, well-known for putting its camera footage in the cloud. But what about professional grade security cameras — will they also become hip and modern and get connected to the cloud? One company, Eagle Eye Networks, is working to […]

Is It Legal To Post Business Surveillance Video Online?

Is it legal to post business video-surveillance footage online? Many businesses employ video surveillance systems and the footage can often result in useful— or humorous— clips that somehow find their way onto YouTube, Facebook, or other websites. While it is likely legal for businesses to use security footage for the purpose of preventing theft, or […]

Cameras On Cops Will Protect Both Sides

For years police departments have used dashboard cameras to record every move officers make in the line of duty. Even with those devices, what goes on can still be unclear —a problem for the peace officer and the person being questioned. The Los Angeles and New York City Police Departments are testing technology that will […]

Sacramento County Sheriff Creates Voluntary Registry For Surveillance Camera Footage

Sacramento County authorities are asking residents and business owners to provide video-surveillance footage to law enforcement investigators. Officials are encouraging property owners with surveillance cameras to sign up for the Sheriff’s Electronic Eye program, the Sacramento Bee reported. The new voluntary registry would alert law enforcement agencies when there are any privately owned surveillance cameras […]

Caught on Camera: Burglar Hits Northwest Omaha Businesses Over The Weekend

Home > News OMAHA, NE – Douglas County authorities are investigating a string of burglaries on Omaha’s northwest side. Local business owners say someone hit several of them early Sunday morning. At least three were broken into at 144 th and Fort. The suspect smashed windows to get in, taking money, electronics, and other items.   “This is my second home. And I take pride in this. This is my business,” said Lori Bruner at Aqua-Tots Swimming School.   Bruner spent part of Monday combing through her security camera footage. Around 3:30 a.m. Sunday the video shows a man enter the business, grab the cash box and leave. Bruner said the burglar also took an iPod from her office.   “You can see what he was wearing, see the build a little bit,” she said Monday afternoon pointing to the security footage.   It took the man just minutes to hit three businesses near 144 th and Fort.   “We all work. They can do the same thing instead of stealing money from people who work really hard,” said Shari Preister who runs Cuppycakes Sweet Boutique.   The glass of Preister’s pastry case was still shattered Monday. The repairs will take time.   Douglas County Sheriff Tim Dunning said via phone Monday afternoon officers continued the investigation Monday afternoon. They did not have a suspect in the burglaries. Sheriff Dunning said more than a thousand dollars of cash and products were taken, along with electronics and even a gun. […]