Five Safety Tips To Minimize Risk And Impact Of Identity Fraud

Javelin Strategy & Research released The 2018 Identity Fraud Study which found that despite industry efforts to prevent identity fraud, fraudsters successfully adapted to net 1.3 million more victims in 2017, with the amount stolen rising to $16.8 billion. Javelin believes that consumers who exercise good online security habits can minimize their risk and impact of identity fraud. Here are five recommendations for consumers to follow.

Keeping Up With Technology Risk

As consumers, we are technology junkies searching for the next great fix, and companies around the world are racing to deliver the coolest new distraction. Sounds great, right? There’s just one problem: companies are working under relentless pressure and impossibly tight deadlines that are quite literally harmful to us, and lead to greater technology risk. Remember that awesome smartphone with the iris recognition system, the Secure Folder security feature, and the battery that had the unfortunate habit of exploding? What about the time Amazon lost hundreds of millions of dollars over a typo? With this never ending demand for newer, cooler technology, many businesses today find themselves sacrificing security and operation in order to release as quickly as possible.

The ‘New’ Vicon Eyes Open Solutions

In September Vicon Industries Inc. and IQinVision revealed that its previously announced merger had been approved, and that its board of directors had appointed Eric Fullerton, formerly chief sales and marketing officer of Milestone Systems A/S, as the company’s new CEO and president. Fullerton, stated the combined businesses will be called Vicon, with headquarters in Edgewood, N.Y.

Security Essen 2014: Premier Global Fair Showed Itself at Its Best

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, Security Essen presented itself on its best form: 1,045 exhibitors from around 40 nations showed a large number of innovations for civil security at Messe Essen in Germany at the end of September – including worldwide conglomerates such as Bosch, Panasonic, Sony, and Siemens. For the first time, the premier global fair in Essen offered more than 40 market segments: from mechanical and digital security technology via fire protection and video surveillance right up to IT security and counter-terrorism.

Can You Film Accidents Then Sell the Videos to the Drivers

[Forum Discussion:] We have a couple dozen intersections where wrecks happen about every 10 days. I can set a price based on the seriousness of the wreck and how much the person not at fault may be able to gain in a suit. Say as an example. The other day at one of these intersections a dump truck is thought to have run a red light and hit a car in which a mother and two kids were all injured. The dump truck was loaded and was trying to make a yellow light. The family injured would stand to gain a lot of money in a suit in this instance.

BRS Labs Announces Company Will Go Public In Exclusive Interview On FOX Business Network

Behavioral Recognition Systems, Inc. (BRS Labs), creator of AISight®, the artificial intelligence analytics solution that teaches itself to recognize and alert on unexpected patterns within massive volumes of data, was featured on Varney & Company on the FOX Business Network this week and broke the news that the company plans to go public soon. “We […]

Going To San Diego Comic-Con? Put On Your Mask For The Surveillance Camera Network

In the TV series Person of Interest, two government artificial intelligence programs can access virtually every surveillance camera across New York City, including privately operated ones in places like parking garages, hotels, and apartment complexes. The creators of the show try to stay one step ahead of modern technology. So the question is: do cities […]

Moreno Valley, CA, Private Security Cameras Could Join Police Network

Moreno Valley, CA., is looking to expand the reach of its citywide video surveillance camera program. The city already has 260 cameras posted at parks, rooftops, and intersections providing live feeds to police under a program it started two years ago. Now it’s hoping to “deputize” security cameras owned by private businesses, providing police with […]

Is It Legal To Post Business Surveillance Video Online?

Is it legal to post business video-surveillance footage online? Many businesses employ video surveillance systems and the footage can often result in useful— or humorous— clips that somehow find their way onto YouTube, Facebook, or other websites. While it is likely legal for businesses to use security footage for the purpose of preventing theft, or […]

City Ordinance Plays Factor In Solving Crimes In San Juan, TX

Recent surveillance footage from a Sprint cell phone store revealed a robbery in San Juan, Texas. Thanks to that surveillance footage, investigators were able to locate the suspects involved. For two weeks, San Juan police were unable to locate the pair of cell phone robbers seen in security camera video. But now, the two suspects […]

Surveillance Camera Registry A Possibility For Berkeley CA Police

The city of Berkeley will explore whether a database of private security cameras might help police solve crime more efficiently according to the Berkeley City Council majority vote recently. Under the proposal, citizens could report camera locations to the Berkeley Police Department. Police would create a registry, which would allow officers to call camera owners […]