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Pimloc’s Secure Redact Platform Expands With New Technology

Pimloc announces it will expand its multimedia redaction platform, Secure Redact, to include text redaction and improved audio redaction for body-worn and moving cameras. Integrating text redaction capabilities into the platform will increase the speed and efficiency with which proprietary information can be redacted, further saving users time and effort when processing sensitive footage.

Keeping Up With Technology Risk

As consumers, we are technology junkies searching for the next great fix, and companies around the world are racing to deliver the coolest new distraction. Sounds great, right? There’s just one problem: companies are working under relentless pressure and impossibly tight deadlines that are quite literally harmful to us, and lead to greater technology risk. Remember that awesome smartphone with the iris recognition system, the Secure Folder security feature, and the battery that had the unfortunate habit of exploding? What about the time Amazon lost hundreds of millions of dollars over a typo? With this never ending demand for newer, cooler technology, many businesses today find themselves sacrificing security and operation in order to release as quickly as possible.

Axis’ Latest Zipstream Technology Saves More Storage And Bandwidth

Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, introduces an enhanced version of its award-winning Zipstream technology. It now dynamically adjusts the frame rate, instantly adapting to any changes in the scene. The new dynamic frame rate feature offers significant additional bandwidth and storage savings for video surveillance applications.

Few Laws Regulate Police Use of Surveillance Systems

Police across the country are using increasingly sophisticated surveillance systems to monitor daily life in their communities. Ultra-high-definition cameras, software that can read license plates and recognize faces, and systems that can alert police to suspicious behavior have given law enforcement unprecedented access to our everyday activities. Average citizens and privacy advocates say the ability to monitor and record public activity at such an extraordinary level is a threat to personal privacy.

NYPD Equips Officers With Biometric Smartphones

New York Police Department officers and vehicles are to be outfitted with new technology as part of a $160 million program that will lead to fewer arrests and more summonses after being fully implemented next year, Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters on Oct. 23. All 35,000 NYPD officers will be equipped with smartphones that allow officers to search databases, view wanted posters, and scan suspects’ fingerprints.

AXIS Q1615/-E Wins ASIS Accolades; Showcases Latest Technology Innovation

Axis Communications, the global leader in network video surveillance, will be featuring a range of new products and speaking in key educational sessions throughout ASIS International (booth #1023) in Atlanta from Sept. 29 to Oct. 1. This year’s theme invites attendees to discover the Power of 4 with Axis: “4” hardware offerings, new “4K” Ultra HD technology, “4th” generation software and celebrating the “4th” decade of Axis.

Smart Bracelets: The Future of Access Control?

Security concerns are always balanced by the need for occupants to have easy facility access when they need it. A new technology developed by the Tecnalia Applied Research Centre in partnership with the Palladium Hotel Group and Paypal could change that by combining personalized access with daily functionality. The next generation of wearable technology is here – a smart bracelet that allows hotel guests to access their rooms, make payments, share experiences on social networks, and receive personalized services while maintaining information security.

NYC Building Codes Now Accept Video Image Smoke Detection

The New York City Building Code requires the detection of smoke by means of smoke detection systems. New products have recently been introduced that use video camera and image recognition software to detect smoke. Current New York City Building Code regulations do not address such products. However, Local Law 141 of 2013, which will take […]

Tracking Customers In-Store; Stuff Sci-fi Novels Were Made Of

Sci-fi authors –the Nostradami of technology– have been making accurate predictions of modern-day living since as far back as 1888 when the idea of debit cards surfaced in the utopian tale “Looking Back.” Similarly, Philip K. Dick, the author behind “Minority Report,” foresaw and wrote about various technologies that are being put into play today […]

American Dynamics Unveils 5MP Illustra 825 Fisheye Camera

Published on 19 Feb, 2014 American Dynamics, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco, the world’s largest pure-play fire protection and security company, announces the introduction of the Illustra 825 Fisheye Camera, a sophisticated camera that provides exceptional video quality and ultra-smooth digital pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) movements for capturing real-time 180°/360° panoramic views of wide areas. American Dynamics brings the reputation for high quality video to the 360° panorama product class. With a single, affordable 5 megapixel camera, the Illustra 825 Fisheye can do the work of 2, 3 and sometimes 4 cameras in many indoor applications. Leveraging the power of 5 megapixels, this camera can provide a 360°degree view of a whole lobby using a ceiling mount or a 180°degree view of a room, using a wall mount, or even a 2×2 view of 4 simultaneous dewarped streams. This ultra wide angle technology with dewarping at the edge, and in a future release at the client as well, represents the power of new technology in the IP camera space. Seeing entire rooms with a single camera, delivered with the flexibility of 180°and 360°degree views, or 4 separate streams in a 2×2 view, delivers a whole new video experience. "The technology in this camera actually minimises the quantity of cameras needed for surveillance, which lowers both install times and costs for dealers, integrators, and end users," said Steve Carney, Director of Product Management for Video Solutions at Tyco Security Products. "Simply put, the Illustra 825 Fisheye delivers more […]

Gatwick Airport Unveils New Generation Biometric Gates

London Gatwick has officially opened the its new generation of ePassport gates using facial recognition. UK Immigration Minister Mark Harper said ePassport gates have proved popular with travellers. More than 10 million passengers have used them across the UK in the past year with numbers now operating at 1 million a month. London Gatwick now has the largest single bank of ePassport gates at any port in the UK. The latest installation totalled 15 gates , according to supplier Vision-Box, of Portugal. Harper said: "Keeping the UK’s border secure is our priority. At the same time we want to welcome legitimate visitors and trade which contributes to the UK economy. Using the latest technology helps us to do both and is popular with passengers. The e-Passport gates here at London Gatwick Airport provide both a fast and convenient way for tourists, business visitors and Britons returning home to pass through the border securely." The launch was also attended by Stewart Wingate, CEO of Gatwick Airport Ltd. He said: "Gatwick is delighted to be the first airport in the UK to offer this innovative new technology. It will make the journey of arriving passengers with chipped passports much more efficient." ePassport gates first went live in UK airports at Manchester Airport in 2008. This bank of gates replaces the first generation which were opened at London Gatwick South in June 2011. The gates which can be used by anyone with a UK or European ‘chipped’ passport who is aged 18 […]

Viseum’s Automated Surveillance Technology

Viseum By Viseum UK Ltd NewsDesk on December 19, 2013 A former BT communications manager, turned inventor, believes that his intelligent CCTV surveillance company has developed a “Guardian Angel” video surveillance technology, which can keep us all safe from crime and violence whilst protecting our right to privacy. Stuart Thompson was a recognized innovator with British Telecom, where he led in the development of the high speed modems that introduced broadband internet. He has now used his high-speed expertise and ingenuity to develop an award-winning intelligent moving camera system that will passively observe and ignore innocent goings-on, but quickly alert human operators to suspicious or dangerous activity. In addition to crime-busting on Britain’s streets, Stuart Thompson claims the system can significantly enhance Homeland Security whilst unobtrusively safeguarding our schools or our elderly and vulnerable citizens in care homes and hospitals. Thompson is President and owner of Viseum UK. He reminds us how the Director General of MI5 recently warned that thousands of Islamic extremists living in the UK, currently saw their British home as a legitimate target (Gardner, 2013). He adds that the UK Home Office also admitted the E-Borders programme had failed to detect and intercept major crime suspects at our national borders (Travis, 2013). Elsewhere at another end of the spectrum, the CQC recently recommended surveillance camera installation in care homes to protect vulnerable adults from abuse by a few reckless and abusive members of staff (McGinty, 2013). In a busy, populated area, these all represent significant […]