Police brutality

Cameras On Cops Will Protect Both Sides

For years police departments have used dashboard cameras to record every move officers make in the line of duty. Even with those devices, what goes on can still be unclear —a problem for the peace officer and the person being questioned. The Los Angeles and New York City Police Departments are testing technology that will […]

How To Get More From Police Self-Surveillance: Don’t Turn It Off

Who watches the watchers when they aren’t wearing their lapel cameras? That’s the tech-centric question at the heart of a scandal that’s been raging in New Mexico since federal investigators accused Albuquerque police officers of routinely using excessive force and violating suspects’ civil rights. Cops in the city are supposed to wear small video cameras […]

Stop, Frisk, and Record

From New York City to Rialto, CA: Police Body Cameras Issues include whether a mandatory worn-video appliance would compromise police duties and effectiveness; would politicize basic law enforcement; would provide social activists with a diversionary platform; would open the door to extensive past and present complaints leading to backlogs of lawsuits; would end up benefitting […]