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How To Get More From Police Self-Surveillance: Don’t Turn It Off

Who watches the watchers when they aren’t wearing their lapel cameras? That’s the tech-centric question at the heart of a scandal that’s been raging in New Mexico since federal investigators accused Albuquerque police officers of routinely using excessive force and violating suspects’ civil rights. Cops in the city are supposed to wear small video cameras […]

Should Cops Be Made To Wear Video Cameras?

I believe the quality and size is already good enough. You are right that cameras help protect officers from false accusations, will help obtain convictions, and discourage attacks on LEOs, but the general trend is for Law Enforcement Unions and organizations to resist all attempts to make officers more accountable. "The LE2 is the most widely used wearable police camera designed specifically for law enforcement. The LE2 easily clips to a police or security uniform to record the actions of the wearer and those around them. The LE2 uses our proprietary VERIPATROL™ software system to securely store and manage video files. The LE2 camera and VERIPATROL software utilizes a FIPS 140-2 compliant Digital Signature process to prove that the video has not been altered and VidLock security prevents unauthorized access if the camera is lost or stolen. The LE2 camera is available in an IACP compliant green or covert black lens color. Camera Features 4 hr Recording Time 4 hr Battery Life 4 GB Internal Memory Date & Time Stamp (GMT) Digital Signature Security SD Video Resolution (640×480) 30 Frames Per Second Field of View: 71 degrees Color Video & Audio Waterproof (IPX5) Dimensions: 3″ ×2″ × .85″ Weight: 3.5oz Compatible: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 Green Design – RoHS & WEEE certified" Hardware "NYPD, Union resists order to test body cameras It’s possible that cops can’t be forced to wear the extra equipment without it being first negotiated as part of their union contract The New York Post […]