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L.A. Police Commission Unveils Process That Could Lead To Public Release Of LAPD Video

In the months since the Los Angeles Police Department began rolling out thousands of body cameras to officers, during a time when video has prompted new scrutiny of policing across the country, a key question persists. When should the footage become public? On Tuesday, the civilian board that oversees the LAPD began a process to review the department’s current policy of generally withholding that video —whether it was captured by body cameras, patrol car cameras or otherwise collected during an investigation— unless ordered to release it in court. Some police commissioners, along with Chief Charlie Beck, have indicated in recent months that they were open to revisiting the policy, but Tuesday marked a more formal step toward that.

Sacramento Mayor Promises Police Reforms After Videos Of Fatal Shooting Made Public

Sacramento police on Tuesday released video that shows a mentally ill man running from police officers, then stopping to gesture at them before they shot him dead in July. The police released the video and related audio hours after The Sacramento Bee posted surveillance video of the incident it had obtained earlier Tuesday. Sacramento City Council members viewed the footage released by police in closed session Tuesday night. During the public portion of the meeting, Mayor Kevin Johnson promised to propose a set of police oversight reforms in coming days. The mayor said he felt a “sense of urgency” for the city to take action.

St. Louis Police Release Footage of Antonio Martin Fatal Shooting

St. Louis County police released footage on Wednesday evening they said shows 18-year-old Antonio Martin pulling a gun on an officer before being shot and killed, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. The footage was taken from three different security cameras at the Berkeley, Missouri gas station where Martin encountered the unidentified officer. However, the officer […]

To Everyone Vying for Body Cams on All Police Officers

There is something you desperately need to remember to demand and that is a proper policy defining when a police officer must turn on their body worn camera. A lot of people don’t realize that body cams are being introduced without actual policies saying when they have to be used. They’re not constantly recording like dash cams or security cameras – they are only turned on when the police officer decides to turn it on.

Truck Drivers Use Dash Camera Footage To Avoid Citations

It seems that cameras are everywhere nowadays: cell phone cameras, security cameras, and now dash cameras. In this age of the truck driver is always guilty mentality, many truck drivers are now turning to dash cameras. Even if you’re not involved in an accident, dash camera footage could help you avoid trouble in other ways, […]

The Five Best Dashboard Cameras For 2014

all informations Are you planning to join the growing number of people who install a dashboard camera in their car for that extra bit of evidence in case of an accident, road rage, or meteors falling from the sky? Then you may be wondering which one of the dozens of different models is the best choice for you! It’s easy to be overwhelmed at first, therefore we have selected the five very best dashboard cameras that you can possibly get in early 2014. We will be looking at dash cams from every price range, starting as low as $50 for a simple-yet effective G1W and moving up the price scale to almost 10 times as much for a top-quality, feature-packed dual-channel camera, the BlackVue DR550GW. Note that the cameras featured in this article are not necessarily the newest cameras around. We have evaluated technical specifications as well as customer satisfaction for each camera during the course of 2013. Rest assured that the five winners presented here have been field tested by thousands of customers and received excellent feedback all around. So What Sets A Dash Cam Apart From Other Cameras? In case you are wondering why you can’t just use a regular video camera, or even your phone’s cam, it’s because a dashboard camera should have all of the following features: Connect to your car’s cigarette lighter with a long power cable (at least 12ft) that you can run around the windshield, tucking it away neatly so it is […]

Police Car Dash-Cam Bill Didn’t Deserve To Die

There may be good reasons, sometimes, for a governor to veto a bill. Unfortunately, we don’t know of a good reason why Gov. Chris Christie would “pocket veto” legislation requiring all new police vehicles to be equipped with a dashboard video recording device. And, we do know a lot of reasons why this measure should have been signed into law. The bill, A-4193, in the just-ended legislative session, was sponsored by Assemblyman Paul Moriarty, D-4th Dist., following Moriarty’s personal experience with an apparently bogus traffic violation. Charged in his Washington Township hometown with drunken driving by a local officer who had a long history with the lawmaker, Moriarty was able to establish his innocence when the officer’s own video camera revealed what really happened. But having a camera in a police car is about more than just supporting the testimony of an officer or helping a citizen escape a bad rap. Passersby caught on camera may turn out to be potential witnesses to a crime. Cars driving erratically at one moment may be involved in a hit and run moments later. In an era when every mom-and-pop store has security cameras and every other grandmother carries a phone that shoots video, there’s really no excuse for failing to install and use cameras in police cruisers. Moriarty’s bill even established a funding mechanism through a surcharge on drunk-driving fines. Unfortunately, the bill doesn’t require retrofitting of older patrol cars with cameras, just their installation in newly purchased vehicles. It will […]