Surveon Advanced Data Solutions Meet the Vast Storage Demands in Mission-Critical Surveillance


Megapixel recording is an increasing trend nowadays and storage management, including long video retention period, efficiency, scalability and data integrity, has become a strong demand for professional surveillance projects.

Surveon, the complete megapixel solutions provider, offers the advanced storage solutions for partners to effectively manage large data for middle to high-level projects.

The Surveon enterprise VMS provides backup and archiving features, allowing recently recorded videos to be moved from live storage volumes to long-term storage arrays to avoid risks of corruption on the live disks.

The backup function also gives users the bandwidth control to deal with unstable network connections, adding extra layers of security during scheduled backup. Moreover, retrieval can be achieved from both local and remote locations, making it efficient for large data management and multi-site security operations.

Furthermore, video files can be stored in the remote ISCSI or NAS storage to guarantee data integrity and longer retention periods.

In addition to the high-performance, reliable RAID protection, the Surveon data storage supports enterprise-class data services, including: snapshot for point-in-time, space-saving copies; thin provisioning for simplified capacity planning and management tasks; volume copy/mirror for quickly restoring production with full data copies; local replication with snapshot and volume copy/mirror capabilities; and remote replication for disaster recovery, data backup or migration over a long distance.

These data services are designed to ensure data integrity and to better utilize capacity, while promising the best I/O performance and scalability.

“Storage management is one of the biggest concerns for users; questions like how to avoid video loss, how to handle large data, how to retrieve the right information, and what to do with limited capacities are being asked every day. Surveon’s enterprise VMS has got the right answers for them with the advanced storage functions,” said Casper Wu, Product Manager of Surveon.

The Surveon enterprise VMS is accompanied by the award-winning EonStor cluster storage systems, providing the maximum reliability for system integrators to manage professional megapixel projects with easy operation and maintenance.

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