Surveon Introduces Smart Data Protection Storage-Server

Surveon Technology announced the new 2U 8-bay form factor NVR5408 that will be added to the NVR5400 Series. Featuring 8-bay hot-swappable hard drives and Intelligent Drive Recovery (IDR) for ultimate data protection. The NVR5408 supports 5MP video recording of up to 64 channels and SAS storage with up to 308 HDDs for 365+ days video retention, making it ideal for middle to large scale projects such as cities, factories, schools, or larger commercial buildings.

Surveon Maximizes System Storage Capacity With Flexible Storage Expansion Solutions

Most large scale and critical projects such as smart cities and commercial buildings are requiring longer term recording and longer data retention capabilities. To fulfill those projects’ need while reducing the total cost of increasing storage demands, multiple storage expansion solutions based on different storage architectures such as DAS, SAN, and NAS are designed by IT pros. Surveon provides the budget-saving storage expansion solutions that allow partners to expand the storage capacity in batches, giving partners the more convenient and flexible choices to meet the increasing requirements of the projects.

Surveon Delivers 180-Day Non-stop Recording For Factory In Kuwait City With Enterprise-Grade NVR

Surveon, the enterprise NVR solutions provider, is pleased to announce that a factory in Kuwait City has deployed Surveon’s IP surveillance solutions as their partner for security application, including 100+ megapixel cameras and 10 enterprise-grade network video recorders, which not only fulfill the need of 180-day non-stop recording, but also ensure a strong protection for the safety in the factory.

Hidden Challenge Behind Body Cams: Storage

Police departments across the country are increasingly deploying body-worn cameras to better protect and serve their communities. Nearly every large police department in a nationwide survey said they plan to move forward with BWCs, with 95 percent having either implemented a body camera system or committed to doing so. However, medium-sized police departments (those with about 50 – 250 officers) appear to be facing the biggest challenges with when rolling out BWCs to their forces. The major issue is cost – not just for the actual cameras, but for handling the data the cameras produce. The demands for video storage are unprecedented for many police departments, which don’t have enough space on servers or hard drives to store the additional data.

Quantum Wants You To Prepare For The Influx Of Surveillance Data

The video surveillance industry is undergoing a significant transformation—organizations are storing ever-increasing amounts of video captured from low-cost, high-resolution cameras, and they’re retaining the content for longer periods of time due to business mandates, new legislation, and/or future analysis. This is leading to an influx of surveillance data, and finding a cost-effective, high performance storage solution is crucial.

IndigoVision Launches New Range Of NVRs

Keeping your footage safe and secure 24/7 is IndigoVision’s number one priority. With over 16 years experience in working with storage solutions, we know exactly what makes a world class NVR that is safe, reliable, and trustworthy. IndigoVision’s NVRs have been designed and injected with Distributed Network Architecture (DNA) to allow you to easily expand your system. They also contain IndigoVision’s innovative SMART.guard technology. SMART.guard introduces five layers of security to protect your data. Cybersecurity, Digital Watermarking, NVR Failover, RAID resilience, and Fault Monitoring.

Surveon Compact Server NVR Delivers Power & Performance

Surveon, the complete megapixel solutions provider, recently released the industry-1st compact server NVR to tackle installers’ common difficulties on maintenance, operation and video storage in megapixel surveillance. The new enterprise NVR5000 series offers a shorter chassis, cableless, redundant modules and powerful features to ensure high performance operations and easy maintenance for project installers.

Industry First Enterprise NVR With Cableless Redundant Design

Surveon, the complete megapixel solutions provider, will demonstrate its latest innovations, including the NVR5000 series of enterprise RAID server NVR offering a compact size, redundant modules, and powerful features, the advanced video management solutions, and the full line of IP-cameras with smart imaging optimizers, at Intersec 2015 from January 18th to 20th in Dubai, UAE.

Genetec Announces New Hybrid Cloud Archiving Service

Genetec™, a leading provider of unified IP security solutions announced its new Cloud Archives service for Security Center that will allow organizations to easily scale the available storage capacity of their surveillance system, and eliminate the need to invest in additional servers. With the ability to continue leveraging their existing on-premise storage equipment, this hybrid cloud service will provide a cost-effective solution for customers who need to extend their video retention period or implement off-site recording.

Surveon Advanced Data Solutions Meet the Vast Storage Demands in Mission-Critical Surveillance

Megapixel recording is an increasing trend nowadays and storage management, including long video retention period, efficiency, scalability and data integrity, has become a strong demand for professional surveillance projects. Surveon, the complete megapixel solutions provider, offers the advanced storage solutions for partners to effectively manage large data for middle to high-level projects.

Salient Announces Direct Attached Storage for PowerProtect Platform

Salient Systems Corporation, a leader in video surveillance solutions, is pleased to announce new, powerful direct attached storage (DAS) units for the PowerProtect PowerPlus and PowerUltra platform along with new extended warranty options for all hardware units. The PowerDAS is a low cost, high-capacity direct attached storage offering that improves density and performance for capacity-intensive video surveillance applications. The PowerDAS offers customers the flexibility to maximize the performance of CompleteView VMS in an easy to expand solution by matching the video storage requirements and drive configurations in seamless continuity.

LAPD OIG Audit Finds Police Station Cameras Flawed

After an audit by LA’s Office of the Inspector General highlighted flaws in Los Angeles police stations’ security video, police Chief Charlie Beck says cameras will be repaired and training will improve. City News Service reports Beck told the Police Commission on Tuesday that recession-era budget cuts have prevented improvements to the department’s video monitoring […]

Spectra’s NVR3 Delivers Ultimate Retention For Limitless Video

Spectra’s Network Video Recording (NVR) with long-term retention and easy retrieval provides organizations with a state-of-the-art and cost effective video surveillance recording, storage, and video management system. Spectra’s NVR3 video management solutions provide a no-compromise alternative to easily and affordably manage your surveillance video throughout its lifecycle – from recording to long-term retention and retrieval. […]

Toshiba Launches Surveillance Oriented Hard Disk Drives

3.5-inch HDD provides multi-stream, temperature resistant support for 24/7 storage. Toshiba Corporation’s (TOKYO:6502) Semiconductor & Storage Products Company announced the launch of the MD03ACA-V series, high-capacity hard disk drives (HDD) for surveillance applications. Toshiba’s purpose-built line of 3.5-inch HDDs are available in capacities up to 4TB. The 6Gbit/s SATA drives spin at 7,200rpm and support […]

Spectra Logic and SoleraTec Deliver Affordable Long-Term Video Retention

Organizations in many industries are using video surveillance to improve safety and security, protect business assets, meet legal requirements and much more. To meet these needs, organizations are installing more high definition cameras and retaining the video longer. However, higher camera resolutions, higher frame rates, and expanding retention requirements are putting pressure on both storage […]

Pivot3 Builds Momentum In Target Markets

Pivot3, a leading supplier of video surveillance and virtual desktop (VDI) converged storage appliances, continues to increase momentum in the VDI and video surveillance market segments through significant customer wins, new technologies, and the company’s commitment to strong service and support. The company reports that the last two quarters are the highest consecutive quarters in […]

High-Capacity Digital Surveillance Storage: The Economies of Scale

Massive Storage Capacities Introduction Savvy security professionals are migrating to digital video solutions in droves, and with good reason: surveillance digital video recorders (SDVR) boast an unprecedented combination of video quality, storage capacity and flexibility, enabling SDVR-based systems to deliver an impressive range of enhanced capabilities: Higher image resolution More active cameras Longer archival periods Intelligent video recognition Abundant storage capacity is a fundamental enabler of such capabilities, and it is here that some video surveillance deployments can go amiss. In an effort to minimize costs, some SDVR systems may utilize multiple low-cost, low-capacity hard disk drives (HDDs) to meet their storage requirements. On its surface, this approach appears to be a viable option to reduce storage expenditures. But initial purchase price is only one part of total cost of ownership, and in other respects this budget-drive approach actually inflates SDVR system costs. Specifically, deploying a plethora of inexpensive desktop-class drives consumes more drive slots, requires more power (while producing more unwanted heat) and significantly reduces system reliability. In many SDVRs there are only a limited number of drive slots available, and budget drives lack sufficient capacity for more and/or higher-quality video streams or longer retention of video data. The solution? Scale up capacity with a smaller number of large (1TB, 2TB or 3TB) HDDs , purpose-built for surveillance storage duty. The benefits of this approach are both significant and multifold: Compact, more space-efficient SDVR systems can meet the elevated capacity needs of sophisticated surveillance environments, power consumption and […]

Top 5 Tape Takeaways for 2014

Most IT professionals, at least those over thirty, were probably introduced to tape as part of the backup system. For years tape drives and libraries have been the primary repositories for backup data, most recently with the LTO (Linear Tape Open) format. In the past decade, however, disk-based backup has largely replaced the use of tape. But in some industries and use cases tape has been doing just fine, first as a long-term archive medium and then as a way to transport and share large file data. In 2014 tape is poised to re-emerge in more mainstream IT environments and non-backup use cases, thanks to the explosion of unstructured data and the proliferation of the cloud. For IT professionals, there are five takeaways from 2014 that help explain how tape has pulled off this comeback. # 1 – Tape is not dead While its role in backup has diminished, tape for archive is growing. For the last several years tape has been ‘living large’ in the Media and Entertainment (M&E) space – these are the broadcast companies that have enormous archives of digital content and the companies that make software and all the technology to create that content from raw video files. Even before the cloud companies M&E was dealing with petabyte scale data sets and tape was their go-to technology. Tape also provided a way to easily move large files around in an organization and to share files across platforms and between companies. With its ability to hold […]