Motorola Acquires IndigoVision In £30m Deal

US conglomerate Motorola has acquired Edinburgh Scotland-based video security company IndigoVision, in a deal worth £30.4 million. The acquisition price of approximately US$4.90 per share represents a premium of approximately 129% to the closing price of US$2.14 per IndigoVision Share.Motorola Solutions, a global provider of mission-critical communications and analytics, has a strong presence in the large and expanding area of physical security and video surveillance.

IndigoVision and Africa Business Development Announce New Partnership to Drive Expansion in Africa

IndigoVision is set to drive expansion in Morocco and West Africa with the announcement that Africa Business Development has been unveiled as a new Authorized Partner. ABD will supply IndigoVision’s renowned end-to-end-security solutions into the growing North and West Africa markets. ABD will initially focus on driving uptake within the Moroccan market where the Casablanca based business has set its sights on becoming a top-three surveillance technology provider.

IndigoVision Announces New Partnership to Deliver State-of-the-art Facial Recognition Integration

Customers of IndigoVision will now be able to access advanced facial recognition technology following the announcement of a new partnership with AnyVision. The new partnership will see AnyVision’s renowned Better Tomorrow software being integrated with IndigoVision’s Control Center, its innovative Security Management Solution. Trusted by customers around the world for over 25 years, IndigoVision is committed to keeping customers at the forefront of security innovations.

Faster Security Investigations Unveiled As Part of IndigoVision’s New product Innovations at America’s Largest Security Event

Security innovator IndigoVision is set to introduce a range of new features that will lead to faster security investigations and drive down industry storage costs as part of its presence at ISC West 2019 in Las Vegas. Trusted in installations across the world, and with 25 years of experience in developing complete end-to-end security surveillance solutions, IndigoVision’s latest innovations will be unveiled as part of an array of new features being introduced to Control Center, its intuitive Security Management Solution.

IndigoVision Releases New Version Of The Maxxess Integration

IndigoVision introduced a new version of the Maxxess Integration 2.0. This new version has been refreshed and expanded since its initial release 10 years ago. The new version allows alarms and events from Maxxess systems to be seamlessly combined with IndigoVision’s security management solution, Control Center, giving complete video and alarm management in a single user interface. According to IndigoVision all of their Integrations are designed with safety in mind.

IndigoVision Releases New Access Control Integration With Nedap

The new IndigoVision Nedap AEOS Integration allows events from Nedap AEOS systems to be seamlessly combined with IndigoVision’s security management solution, Control Center, giving complete video and alarm management in a single user interface. All of IndigoVision’s Integrations are designed with your security in mind and the Nedap AEOS Integration is no different

IndigoVision Introduces The NEW HD Ultra Camera Range

IndigoVision introduces new HD Ultra Camera Range where you’ll find superior functionality, performance and innovation. The new HD Ultra Camera range will be on display at Intersec 2019 in Dubai, giving attendees the first look at the product range. Claiming the title of the most advanced camera release to date this exciting new HD Ultra Camera Range knows exactly what it is talking about when it comes to security, available in three stylish form factors the HD Minidome, HD Bullet and an HD PTZ Pendant.

IndigoVision And TDSi Introduce A Brand New Access Control Integration

The new IndigoVision TDSi EXgarde Integration allows alarms from TDSi systems to be seamlessly combined with IndigoVision’s security management solution, Control Center, giving complete video and alarm management in a single user interface. With the TDSi EXgarde Integration, you can trigger live video, move PTZ cameras and start recordings, while also having the ability to acknowledge, action or delete any relevant EXgarde alarms and send notification emails automatically which dramatically decreases operator response time.

IndigoVision, Boston Networks And Dell Technologies Team Up With Social Bite To Tackle Homelessness In Scotland

IndigoVision, Boston Networks and Dell Technologies team up with Social Bite to tackle homelessness in Scotland. Developer of complete end-to-end video security solutions, IndigoVision, along with their Authorized Partner Boston Networks and valued Technology Partner Dell Technologies, has provided Social Bite with a security system for their Social Bite Village. Social Bite is on a mission to build a collaborative movement to end homelessness in Scotland, thanks to recent fundraising efforts the Social Bite Village has become one of their many projects to help achieve this goal. The idea is to bring people from all walks of life in Scotland together to ensure that no one ends up homeless.

IndigoVision’s Artificial Intelligence Expanding To Include Latest Security Features.

IndigoVision announced that the next release of their Artificial Intelligence powered by BriefCam will include the latest security features in the industry, and will be launched within the coming weeks, additional to it being previewed at ISC West 2018 in Las Vegas. IndigoVision’s Artificial Intelligence powered by BriefCam allows IndigoVision customers to quickly and easily review hours of footage in minutes, rapidly identifying people and objects of interest by object type, attribute, direction, color or size.

IndigoVision Releases The Latest Version Of Their Security Management Solution

IndigoVision announces a product release that allows users to maximize their security systems potential. This release includes the latest version of their Security Management Solution Control Center, a new cyber-security innovation CyberVigilant® in Camera, the Integra all in one device, and three additional products which strengthen their existing security offering. IndigoVision’s Control Center has long been regarded in the industry as the best, from its bulletproof nature to search and review forensic features; the software is intuitive and easy to use.

IndigoVision’s New BX 4K Bullet And Minidome Cameras

IndigoVision, the leading developer of end-to-end video security solutions, showcased their new camera offerings at ISC West 2017. With the latest 12MP sensors and advanced analytics, the IndigoVision BX 4K Bullet and Minidome Cameras deliver full frame rate 4K resolution video. Installation is straight forward with a full range of mounting options, with motorized lenses and Auto Back Focus ensuring pin-sharp focus every time.

IndigoVision Launches New Range Of NVRs

Keeping your footage safe and secure 24/7 is IndigoVision’s number one priority. With over 16 years experience in working with storage solutions, we know exactly what makes a world class NVR that is safe, reliable, and trustworthy. IndigoVision’s NVRs have been designed and injected with Distributed Network Architecture (DNA) to allow you to easily expand your system. They also contain IndigoVision’s innovative SMART.guard technology. SMART.guard introduces five layers of security to protect your data. Cybersecurity, Digital Watermarking, NVR Failover, RAID resilience, and Fault Monitoring.

IndigoVision Tiered Versions Of Video Management Software

Control Center v14.0 from IndigoVision is tiered video management software. This new version significantly widens the potential user base for the solution and can be purchased at three distinct levels: IndigoLite™, IndigoPro™, and IndigoUltra™. IndigoLite delivers 20 device connections, IndigoPro delivers 50 device connections, and IndigoUltra delivers an unlimited number of device connections. Each includes PTZ control and video resolution of up to 20MP.

Indigovision Encoder Aids Migration To IP

Indigovision’s new BX100 four channel encoder is engineered to bring high-end performance to mid-range markets by migrating mid-range DVRs to IP. “The security industry thinks analog is dead, but there are millions of analog cameras still used worldwide. Most are in mid-range systems that are 20 cameras or less.” stated Marcus Kneen, Indigovision’s Chief Executive […]

IndigoVision Enhances Eagle Control Centre

“With over 150 vendors at All Over IP, winning ‘Best Management Software’ is a fantastic achievement, especially considering the formidable competition from Axxonsoft, Avigilon, Verint and Milestone.” stated Jurgen Klijn, Indigovision’s EMEA Regional Sales Director. “This new release means that the ‘Best Management Software’ is now even better.” added John Semple, Indigovision’s Head of Product Management. “Control Center Eagle v11.1’s new software enhancements make it by far the best video management software for enterprise security systems.” Control Center Eagle v11.1 enhancements include improved evidence management with better administrator security, one click replay of all live cameras, export enhancements and new timeline controls, allowing easier export management. There is also better mobile device support including iOS7 support, and the third party camera performance has also been improved with native MJPEG support, improved Camera Gateway performance and lower bandwidth. Control Center Eagle has inbuilt ONVIF IP camera support,  so it can record from over 300 non-ONVIF IP camera models through Indigovision’s Camera Gateway, and is fully compatible with all Indigovision IP cameras and analogue encoders released since 2003. Indigovision’s Software Upgrade Plan (SUP) allows any Indigovision customer with an active SUP agreement to have access to the latest version of Control Center. Download the SecurityWorldHotel Year Book

IndigoVision Announces 33% Increase Camera Sales And Record First Quarter Results

By IndigoVision NewsDesk on November 15, 2013 indigovision_group_125997 IndigoVision announce record first quarter results, a 33% increase of camera sales and, several major project wins including the overlay system for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. “Market feedback on the IndigoVision cameras has been magnificent,” stated Marcus Kneen, IndigoVision Chief Executive Officer, “Our Enhanced HD cameras consistently win technical shoot-outs by delivering better quality video in even the most challenging lighting conditions and were voted one of the best new security products at the 2013 ASIS trade show in Chicago.” “IndigoVision continues to invest significantly in technology and will shortly announce the launch of a 20 Megapixel camera, the first ultra-high resolution camera that delivers the video quality that the security industry demands. Feedback from initial installations has been extremely positive with the camera outperforming competitors due to stunning picture detail and an unparalleled image speed of 120 Megapixels per second.” IndigoVision also announced major project wins for city surveillance in Malaysia, Sao Paulo International Airport and the third project for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. These project wins continue IndigoVision’s established pedigree for complex security projects and events, with IndigoVision’s technology being deployed for the FIFA World Cup in 2006 and 2010 as well as every Olympic games since 2004. Group revenues for the first quarter were 14% higher than the corresponding period last year. Margins were maintained in line with last year and, as planned, overheads increased following last year’s 30% increase in sales and pre […]

Brazil Fifa World Cup 2014 Lifts IndigoVision With Video Surveillance Deal

Fifa World Cup 2014 will be held in Brazil in between June – July 2014 and the government has started preparations for this much awaited and world renowned event almost two months ago. Brazil is hosting Fifa World cup for the second time (Fifa was held in brazil for the first time in 1950) and will be the fifth country to have hosted the world twice after Mexico, France, Germany and Italy. Thirty two country football teams will be taking part in this event and will be playing in 12 cities located throughout Brazil. Meanwhile, Indigo Vision, a well known video security specialist has been awarded three major projects including the contract for Fifa 2014 in Brazil. The Edinburgh company admits that it will provide video IP systems, cameras and video storage for at least one FIFA venue in Brazil. Additionally, the government of Brazil has also awarded a new project to Indigo Vision which is to provide all the needs related to video surveillance to its Sao Paulo International Airport. It is also reported that Indigo Vision will now on provide video surveillance services to preserved colonial city, Olinda, which is one of the major tourist attractions in Brazil. In a recent press release, Indigo Vision has also announced that it has plans to release exclusive products such as 20 MP cameras and an explosion proof camera range for the FIFA event. But the company added that the said new products will not be restricted to the event […]

Randon Group Selects IndigoVision To Provide IP Video Security Solution

[September 13, 2013] Randon Group selects IndigoVision to provide IP video security solution Sep 13, 2013 (MarketLine via COMTEX) — IndigoVision Group plc, a manufacturer of IP video security solutions, has announced that Randon Group, a Brazilian transport manufacturer, has selected IndigoVision to provide an IP video security solution for its assembly plant in Guaralhos, with plans for future expansion to all locations. The security project requirements were reducing theft, providing real time monitoring from multiple, remote security workstations and increasing operational efficiency. The project also required reusing existing security camera hardware as well as offering the latest IP camera technology with the ability to scale to meet future expansion requirements. The final goal is for all Randon locations worldwide to be monitored from a single security solution. Using IndigoVision’s video security solution, existing cameras were converted through IndigoVision’s IP encoder hardware, delivering benefits including dramatically improved recording quality. IndigoVision’s world-class video compression technology meant that video from existing cameras could be easily streamed to remote sites, which was impossible with the existing security system. In addition to using IndigoVision’s IP encoder hardware, IndigoVision’s IP cameras have been installed providing additional benefits that analogue cameras could not deliver, such as higher image resolution. All video from the IP encoders and cameras is stored on multiple IndigoVision Network Video Recorders (NVRs), with total system management provided by IndigoVision’s Control Center software user interface. Having deployed IndigoVision’s solution, it is now possible for operators to monitor live video and playback recorded […]