Vector Flow Partners with Nedap Security to Automate Laborious Physical Identity and Access Management Processes

Vector Flow is proud to announce a new partnership with Nedap, a Dutch multinational technology company responsible for the development of powerful physical security solutions. This partnership sees the Vector Flow platform seamlessly integrate with Nedap’s AEOS physical access control system to simplify physical access and identity management (PIAM) and deliver outstanding user experience.

Nedap and Tuxen & Associates to Offer Free Webinar Touchless Access Technology on Thursday, June 25th June

Nedap and Tuxen & Associates will offer a free webinar on touchless access technology on June 25th at 11:00 am CT. The webinar will focus on the latest advancements to Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) and its applications to the parking and security industries. OSDP is a long-range RFID reading technology that dramatically improves security and vehicle access performance.

Nedap and Tuxen & Associates to Offer Free Webinar on May 7th Introducing ANPR Lumo

Nedap and Tuxen & Associates will offer a free webinar introducing ANPR Lumo on May 7th at 3 pm CT. ANPR Lumo is the most accurate license plate recognition solution available and can be used for vehicle access control, automatic toll collection, free-flow applications at parking facilities, and in numerous security applications. ANPR Lumo boasts impressive features. Nedap is a global leader in long-range identification. Zoom webinar link inside.

IndigoVision Releases New Access Control Integration With Nedap

The new IndigoVision Nedap AEOS Integration allows events from Nedap AEOS systems to be seamlessly combined with IndigoVision’s security management solution, Control Center, giving complete video and alarm management in a single user interface. All of IndigoVision’s Integrations are designed with your security in mind and the Nedap AEOS Integration is no different