Vector Flow Partners with Nedap Security to Automate Laborious Physical Identity and Access Management Processes

New Partnership Accelerates Security Operation Center Productivity for Enterprises

Vector Flow is proud to announce a new partnership with Nedap, a Dutch multinational technology company responsible for the development of powerful physical security solutions.

This partnership sees the Vector Flow platform seamlessly integrate with Nedap’s AEOS physical access control system to simplify physical access and identity management (PIAM) and deliver outstanding user experience.

“The integration between Vector Flow and Nedap allows enterprises of all sizes to automate many of the time consuming and cost inefficient tasks traditionally associated with physical access provisioning,” says Ajay Jain, Founder and CEO of Vector Flow.

“By taking pressure off of Security, HR, and IT departments, enterprises are afforded higher levels of both efficiency and security.” 

Vector Flow integrates with Nedap to efficiently manage, read and write personnel and their physical access privileges, leveraging Vector Flow’s Artificial Intelligence to automate associated PIAM processes. For example, when a new hire onboards or changes to an identity are made, Vector Flow automatically adjusts and provisions their access within AEOS system. As a result, enterprise users are provided with a single source of truth for all identity provisioning requests beginning with provisioning access on day one.

This joint solution delivers streamlined management of identities and their physical access in AEOS while automating policies for synchronized on/off-boarding, enforcement and monitoring of access compliance controls, training prerequisites, background checks, reporting on historical data, and more through plug-and-play integration with the Vector Flow platform.

The new partnership allows enterprise security teams to:  

  • Streamline on/off-boarding experience for employees by automating the entire journey for all facilities and personnel types (employees, contractors, vendors, tenants, third-parties and visitors).
  • Replace multiple checklists with one playbook that automates personnel lifecycle management, physical access, and provisioning as well as approvals, facilities fulfillment, and access reconciliation.
  • Offer powerful, real-time self-service controls for physical access, approvals and audit/compliance reports. This allows employees/contractors to request real-time access to owned, leased or standalone facilities. 
  • Automate access decisions based on compliance pre-requisites such as completion of a background check, training or certifications, service tickets, insurance, purchase orders, etc. that personnel must maintain in order to gain access to secure areas.
  • Provide on-demand mustering of employees, contractors, vendors, visitors across an enterprise and its associated facilities.  
  • Ensure the readiness of physical security devices by monitoring and optimizing them to eliminate false alarms. 

The integration of Vector Flow PIAM and Nedap is completed and effective and can be applied to all Vector Flow users using Vector Flow platform v.3 or higher running in cloud or on-prem. In addition to that, both companies are in the process of finalizing the integration of the Visitor Identity Management (VMS) suite.

Vector Flow is dedicated to using machine learning and automation to deliver improved operational efficiencies and effectiveness across the entire physical security domain. The company’s advanced cloud-enabled and on-premises platform converts raw security data from multiple sources into intelligent insights to drive operational performance and business results. visit:

Nedap is a Dutch multinational technology company, responsible for the development of powerful solutions in physical security. Their access control system, AEOS, is based entirely on open standards and designed to adapt to your ever-changing needs. It’s the ultimate foundation for any application of physical access control – from businesses to government offices, hospitals, airports, schools, industrial sites and public venues. visit:

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