Nedap Identification Systems Announces Release of Groundbreaking License Plate Recognition Camera Offering Unprecedented Accuracy

Tuxen & Associates, North America agent for Nedap Identification Systems announced the introduction of Nedap’s latest market-leading innovation – The ANPR Lumo. The ANPR Lumo is a highly advanced, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) that embodies a generational advance in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology for use in the Parking and Security Sectors. The ANPR Lumo features advances in character recognition that provide unprecedented accuracy.

Nedap and Tuxen & Associates to Offer Free Webinar on May 7th Introducing ANPR Lumo

Nedap and Tuxen & Associates will offer a free webinar introducing ANPR Lumo on May 7th at 3 pm CT. ANPR Lumo is the most accurate license plate recognition solution available and can be used for vehicle access control, automatic toll collection, free-flow applications at parking facilities, and in numerous security applications. ANPR Lumo boasts impressive features. Nedap is a global leader in long-range identification. Zoom webinar link inside.