Spectra Logic and SoleraTec Deliver Affordable Long-Term Video Retention


Organizations in many industries are using video surveillance to improve safety and security, protect business assets, meet legal requirements and much more. To meet these needs, organizations are installing more high definition cameras and retaining the video longer. However, higher camera resolutions, higher frame rates, and expanding retention requirements are putting pressure on both storage budgets and administrators.

Redefining Video Surveillance Management
Spectra Logic’s video management solutions —powered by SoleraTec’s Phoenix RSM video storage management software— delivers no-compromise alternatives to easily and affordably manage surveillance video throughout the video’s lifecycle —from recording to long-term retention and retrieval.

Spectra Logic and SoleraTec teamed together to provide solutions that are easily scalable to meet any video retention requirements. For environments less than 100TB, Spectra’s nTier Verde is a perfect solution.

Spectra’s nTier Verde is simple, low-cost, reliable NAS storage for video surveillance. For larger environments with demanding retention requirements, Spectra’s NVR3 video management solutions provides the highest capacity, lowest cost, retention solution in the market.

For environments larger than 100TB, Spectra’s nTier Verde integrated with a Spectra Logic LTO-6 data tape library brings a low-cost of ownership —especially operational costs— to organizations of all sizes.

Utilizing SoleraTec’s Phoenix RSM surveillance video management software to house low-resolution companion files on the nTier Verde for rapid search and playback while keeping the original resolution video on LTO-6 storage for quick access when exporting video clips.

Spectra Logic claims this combination of video storage solutions presents a significant cost savings from acquisition to operational.

Spectra Logic and SoleraTec can be seen at the ISC West 2014 show in Las Vegas in both the Milestone and OnSSI booths.

Source: spectralogic.com

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