New Cisco Systems Surveillance IP-Cameras Equipped for Heavy-Duty Analytics

Cisco Systems has launched new IP-cameras that boast the processing power to perform more complex video and audio analytics to support applications such as license-plate recognition and detection of gunshots and unattended objects. The video surveillance cameras —the 6500PD and 7530PD— include a digital signal processing (DSP) chip in addition to the core ARM processor found in standard cameras.

Milestone Systems Adds Support for Offline Camera Recording Using ONVIF

Milestone Systems, the open platform company in IP video management software (VMS), has just released its bi-monthly Device Pack 7.5 for the XProtect® portfolio of VMS products. The most significant feature in this upgrade is support for ONVIF Edge Storage: cameras with Edge Storage can record video directly on internal storage.

Xtralis Wins Numerous Accolades At IFSEC/FIREX

Xtralis Chairman and CEO Named as a Top Influential Figure in both Fire and Security; ADPRO IntrusionTrace Wins Innovation Award. Xtralis, the world’s leading provider of very early and reliable detection and remote visual verification safety and security solutions, earned three more accolades at the IFSEC/FIREX International 2014 trade shows held June 17-19 in London, […]

Dallmeier Highlights EdgeStorage And SmartBackfill

Loss-free recording even if the network fails. With the function “EdgeStorage for Emergency Recording with SmartBackfill”, Dallmeier guarantees loss-free recording even in the case of a network failure. All current Dallmeier IP cameras are equipped with a RAM. If the network drops out or becomes overloaded, or if the recording system has to be rebooted, […]

ISONAS Expands Patent Protection Within Pure IP Access Control

In August 2010 ISONAS was issued a patent pivotal to the fast growing and emerging market of IP access control.  Patent 7,775,429 covers aspects relating to one or more of the following features: 1. The ability for a reader/controller to make decisions “locally” at the edge, while still having the ability to program permissions for all access points “centrally”.   This allows the completely panel-less access control system to continue working when the network is down, and it allows a large number of readers to have their permissions determined by rules set up centrally, often by Microsoft Active Directory.  2. Powering the reader, electric strike and other devices at the door via Power over Ethernet.   PoE dramatically reduced cost and complexity of installation because no additional electricity is required at the access point. 3. Managing system configuration via a web interface.   Decentralizing credential management, and creating lock-down scripts accessible to more than just a system administrator requires access via the internet.  We are proud to announce that ISONAS was issued patent #8,662,386 in early March 2014 that significantly expands the reach of our patented Pure IP solution.  ISONAS is the leader and innovator in Pure IP access control.  Visit our website at www.ISONAS.com to learn more about how your organization can be part of the proven revolution. ISONAS.  We’re revolutionizing access control with one simple solution. Come see us at ISC West .  We will be exhibiting and presenting with Milestone in booth 20060 and IP Video in […]

IMS: Global Video Cameras For Perimeter Security Forecast: $200M in 2013

Source: IMS Research | Date: 11/12/2013 Related tags: NVR , DVR , perimeter security , encoder , VMS Video surveillance cameras and analytics continue to be pushed out toward the perimeter at a high rate and are becoming an integral part of electronic perimeter security solutions. According to a recent report published by IHS, the global market for intelligent devices in perimeter security applications is forecast to top $200 million in 2013. Historically, sensors have been the primary means of detection for perimeter security applications. In recent years; however, there has been a growing trend for cameras and analytics to be used in addition to sensors on a perimeter. The perimeter security industry has always been based on layers, so the addition of video only reinforces this ideology. Video and especially video analytics has been the fastest growing portion of the perimeter security industry since before 2010. Previously, perimeter security applications mostly offered detection without verification or identification. Perimeter security integration with video is proving to be a great enhancement in terms of efficiency and the reduction of false alarms. Identification of intruders has become one of the most talked about trends in recent months for perimeter security. This trend is partly being driven by the demand to lower false alarms, lower costs and the ability to provide patrols and guards in the field with real time information on the location and status of an intruder. And now, end-users have several options for identification. Slew-to-cue functionality remains one of […]