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5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Body Cameras for Your Security Firm

Body cameras have become critical tools for security companies in today’s world. These cameras not only provide accountability, but also serve as evidence gathering tools. Selecting the right body cameras for security personnel requires careful consideration of many factors. Here are five of the most important aspects of body cameras security firms must evaluate when purchasing these devices for security teams.

Skid Row Shooting Tests LAPD Body-Worn Cameras Procedures

The officer-involved shooting Sunday, March 1, on skid row that left a man dead could be an early test of the Los Angeles Police Department’s new body camera program for officers. The encounter was recorded by body cameras worn by at least one of the officers involved in the incident. Articles of Interest for 2014

As 2015 gets underway, it’s always interesting to look back over the past year and review those stories that grabbed our attention and imagination. Here are some of those articles that we highlighted on – Anyone remember Canon buying Milestone?

Oregon Lawmakers Propose Bill Allowing Body Cameras, Citizens Recording Police

Oregon lawmakers are working on a bill that would require the state’s police officers to wear small body cameras like the one modeled on a New York City police officer at a news conference, above. Recent high-profile police killings and the double murder of two New York City policemen have made body cameras for officers a popular idea that Oregon legislators are already moving on.