Will Added Security Cameras Really Help With Bullying Prevention?

Will Added Security Cameras Really Help With Bullying Prevention?

As we are getting closer to the back to school season for many of our children it is time to face a few possible changes in their school routine. Bullying prevention leads to security cameras on campuses in some countries. Could this be a possibility in our North American schools as well? A recent article from TVNZ shares how some schools in New Zealand are implementing added security on playgrounds and in school buses to help slow down or deter bullies in school systems.

As a parent preparing your child for an upcoming school year, you may be already concerned about how bullying could effect them.

This new method of bullying prevention that will be introduced this year in New Zealand schools may very well be the next thing in our own school systems.

While our personal space and privacy is important, is the threat of being on camera more important to prevent bullying from happening?

Will added security cameras really help stop bullying?

With the threat of added proof and not just the word of another student, this could truly deter bullies from victimizing other students on school grounds.

For many students, knowing there is the potential that their actions are being recorded could persuade them to stop what they are doing. […]

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