Fluidmesh Innovative Technology Providing Fast Wi-Fi To Railway Passengers

Fluidmesh FLUIDITY

Free Wi-Fi, once considered a commodity, is now viewed as a necessity by much of the public. In planes, trains, and automobiles increasingly more consumers are coming to expect the service to be available for both business and pleasure purposes. To date, however, achieving fast and reliable Wi-Fi in fast moving vehicles has often delivered disappointing results due to slow and sometimes unreliable cellular and satellite-based technologies. Fluidmesh Networks is changing all that with its new technology offering – FLUIDITY™. Particularly on railways, all around the world.

FLUIDITY is a technology that, thanks to an innovative transmission protocol connecting radios, is the only license-free track-side wireless solution that provides a stunningly fast Wi-Fi experience on trains.

Real broadband on a train that goes up to 220Mph (350 Km/h) is now possible without service disruption. And there’s more good news – the investment required to set up the track-side network is extremely limited because FLUIDITY can leverage the existing poles and infrastructure of the GMS-R or PTC systems already installed along railroads worldwide without interfering with them, reducing dramatically the initial investment required.

Moreover, a FLUIDITY on-board radio device can seamlessly tap into an existing cellular or satellite technology already in place when the train travels into an area not yet equipped with FLUIDITY track-side technology to avoid disruption in service.

FLUIDITY can connect an on-board radio roaming at up to 350 Km/h delivering an outstanding performance with no hand-off time and no packets dropped.

Its innovative track-side wireless technology does not operate on a licensed spectrum but instead uses license-free channels in the 5 GHz band.

A real broadband data link to the train enables a real on-board Wi-Fi experience, the train video surveillance, but also CBTC (Communication Based Train Control), on board ticketing, VoIP calls, and several other wireless applications.

FLUIDITY performs flawlessly in tunnels by taking advantage of multi-path with its MIMO-based radio technology and dual-polarized track-side and on-board antennas.

Fluidmesh experience spans different types of deployments ranging from metro systems for large metro lines in the U.S and Europe, high-speed trains, light-rail systems, long range passenger railways, subways and metros, trams and freight railroads, and ferry systems.

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Source: fluidmesh.com

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