Dumb Or Smarter? CTA Orange Line Robbers Caught On Tape

Dumb or Smarter? CTA Orange Line robbers caught on tape

It’s hard to say whether the alleged Orange Line robbers are real smart, or just plain dumb. So smart to be scoping out the route for a couple of hours before the attack. Smart that they knew the stretch between Halsted and Roosevelt was the longest on the route – seven minutes from station to station. Or maybe kinda dumb to discount the ubiquitous security cameras.

Their photos are all over Chicago, so it’s probably just a matter of time before arrest.

They terrorized just one car so as not to draw too much attention to themselves. And their total take: $105. Some of the CTA’s 23,000 surveillance cameras showed that the men had been riding the Southwest Side line most of the day Wednesday before launching their attack around 4:15 p.m.

They announced a robbery as the doors of a Loop-bound train were closing at the Halsted stop, police said.

The robbers, neither of whom were in custody as of Thursday night, targeted a train heading downtown from Midway Airport, presumably filled with travelers carrying plenty of cash and unfamiliar with the CTA, authorities said.

After robbing at least four people and pistol-whipping a woman who wouldn’t part with her purse, they got away with a little more than $100, plus an assortment of electronic items, police said. It’s a good thing these crimes are fairly rare on the CTA.

Source: chicagonow.com

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