Oakmont PA Councilman Pushes For Answers In Vandalism Of Surveillance Cameras

Oakmont councilman pushes for answers in vandalism of surveillance cameras

An Oakmont PA councilman has questioned whether Allegheny County police have fully investigated a vandalism incident last summer that disabled borough surveillance cameras. Councilman Tim Favo raised his doubts about the investigation at a council meeting April 14. According to Police Chief David DiSanti, the incident in question occurred last July when someone apparently cut a cable that provides a satellite link to security cameras positioned in Riverside Park.

The cable is on the roof of the Oakmont Fire Department, which is next to the borough building. Nobody has been arrested in connection with the incident.

Favo formally asked for council’s approval to send a letter to Allegheny County Police Superintendent Charles Moffat, requesting an update on the investigation. However, that failed when no other council member went along with the idea. Despite that, Favo voiced his doubts about the thoroughness of the investigation.

“I think we should be all after the same thing: a true and complete investigation,” Favo said. “We have a crime against the borough. It’s the taxpayers money — can’t ignore (it), can’t just sweep it under the rug or pretend that it has been investigated when it obviously has not been.”

Among the points Favo made:
• A special security card is needed to enter the fire department’s building and only a limited number of people have access to the cards.
• Firefighters feel they have been accused as a group and want to clear their names and offered to take polygraph tests, according to Favo. He said, to his knowledge, none of them have been interviewed by county detectives.

DiSanti said the detective in charge told him that interviews were conducted.[…]

Source: triblive.com