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LVT Unveils IMMIX Integration and New Cameras to Bolster Intelligent Physical Security Ecosystem

LVT (LiveView Technologies, Inc.) announced its integration with Immix and two new cameras that further empower security leaders to monitor and protect a range of environments. More than 94% of Fortune 100 retailers use LVT’s advanced mobile surveillance units and security solutions. Other companies use LVT on roads and highways, railway yards, construction sites, airports, hospitals, public and private housing, and other environments.

Dallmeier’s New 5000 Series Light Sensitivity and Resolutions Up to 4K

Coinciding perfectly with the Security trade fair, Dallmeier is bringing a new line of cameras onto the market: The 5000 series features resolutions up to 4K and a special “Nightline” range for optimal image reproduction even in poor light conditions. Whether in the form of a redesigned box camera or a vandal-resistant dome camera – the new 5000 series cameras are most remarkable for their high resolution, frame rate and light sensitivity. The latest generation of encoders provides for realtime ultra-HD video (2160p/30) in the DF5400HD range: These cameras deliver pinpoint sharp 4K pictures in real time and support resolutions of up to 8-megapixels. If 3K or resolutions up to 6-megapixels are sufficient, the DF5300HD range is perfect.

Canon Introduces 1.3MP Ultra Compact IP-Cameras

Canon Europe has added two new ultra-compact 1.3 megapixel resolution network cameras –the VB-S805D and VB-S905F– to its product range. The new cameras form part of the recently launched S series and feature Canon’s distinctive advanced lens technology as well as dual image and network processors. The VB-S805D and VB-S905F offer high-quality monitoring with detailed […]

Always Watching: Penn State Beefing Up Surveillance With 71 New Cameras In Public Areas Downtown

Penn State students Chelsea Billotte, Amy Haun, and Fye Poon stood at the corner of East Calder Way and McAllister Alley, awaiting their drinks at the storefront of Tea Time. What the young women did not realize was that about 15 feet away, a camera looked down on the intersection, documenting their quick refreshment stop. […]

Coward Getting New Cameras To Combat Vandalism

COWARD, SC (WMBF) The Town of Coward’s park underwent an $8,000 renovation just one year ago. New paint and new roofs over the picnic area were just some the updates, but soon cameras will watch the area because vandals have been wrecking this park. "They have gone in there and filled the sinks full of sand, and the commodes to the point that we have actually had to open the septic tank and have it cleaned out," said Coward’s Mayor Dianne Thomas. Those are just some of the problems Mayor Dianne Thomas has been forced to put up with when it comes to the vandalism taking place at the town’s park and ball fields. "The concession stand was broken into twice. The first time, my understanding is they took all of the goodies that were inside there. That is sold at the ball games," Thomas said. Thomas said cash was also stolen out of the same concession stand and the crimes don’t stop there. Thomas said thieves tried to break into the equipment room at the ball fields and steal the stuff stored inside, but luckily they were unsuccessful. "But they did mess up the door on there and that had to be repaired," the mayor said. Repairs from the vandalism and would-be thefts have been costing the town, but Thomas thinks she finally has the answer to the town’s problems. Security cameras will soon be installed around the park, town hall and ball fields. "It will be a […]

Polaroid Announces Three New Hi-Definition Mountable Sports Action Cameras at CES 2014

LAS VEGAS–( BUSINESS WIRE )– CES Booth: Central Hall #13613 Polaroid expands their existing line of hi-definition sports action cameras at the International Consumer Electronics Show, January 7-10 in Las Vegas, NV. With performance-friendly features including high-definition resolution, Wi-Fi, auto rotation, waterproof technology, and ultra wide angle lenses, the new cameras are tailor-made for all athletes and action enthusiasts. The point-of-view cameras also come with mounting equipment, allowing photos and footage to be taken practically anywhere and from any angle. “ Polaroid is all about capturing fun, in the moment images and video from the user’s unique point of view and that is what this fast growing sports action camera category does the best,” says Polaroid President and CEO Scott W. Hardy. “Adding Wi-Fi connectivity to our popular XS100 model will now allow users to share their unique videos and images instantly, which is the heart of what Polaroid is all about. With these cameras, whether it may be biking, skiing, snowboarding or surfing, we want to provide users the ability to capture and share their finest moments and moves with the best possible coverage, at vantage points like no other.” The Polaroid XS100i camerabuilds upon the success of the XS100 model but adds Wi-Fi with iOS and Android apps so consumers can adjust settings remotely, watch video in real-time and share videos instantly with friends, family or social media. The XS100i has a distortion-free ultra wide lens offering 170° of coverage and records video in 1080p, 720p, and […]

Axis Upgrades Pan/Tilt/Zoom Series With Launch Of Nine New Cameras

By Andy Ball on December 12, 2013 Axis 200×300 The AXIS Q60 PTZ Dome Network Camera Series now includes nine new robust, high-speed pan/tilt/zoom cameras for wide area surveillance in indoor, outdoor and desert environments. The cameras, with up to HDTV 1080p resolution and high optical zoom, have improved image quality, light sensitivity and enhanced capacity for intelligent video. They are ideal for use in city and perimeter surveillance, airports, train stations, harbours, along pipelines, construction and manufacturing sites, and stadiums. Axis Communications, the world leader in network video, has launched AXIS Q6042/-E/-C with Extended D1 resolution and 36x optical zoom, AXIS Q6044/-E/-C with HDTV 720p and 30x optical zoom, and AXIS Q6045/-E/-C with HDTV 1080p and 20x optical zoom. “At Axis, we always strive to make our cameras even better and the improvements we have made to the AXIS Q60s are particularly evident with the HDTV models, especially in low-light situations,” says Erik Frännlid, Axis’ Director of Product Management. “Customers will appreciate that we have maintained the successful form factor and mechanics that make AXIS Q60 cameras reliable and easy to install.” AXIS Q6044/-E/-C PTZ domes have 30x optical zoom, compared with 18x in previous HDTV 720p models. In addition, their light sensitivity is nearly three times better than the industry norm for HDTV cameras. They also support electronic image stabilization, which reduces the effects of camera vibrations (from wind or traffic) to provide clearer, more useful video. In addition, they support automatic defog, which automatically detects fog […]

Norbain Provides Sony Ipela E IP-Cameras

11-12-2013 Norbain is now offering customers the new Sony E series IP cameras ideal for entry to mid level applications including retail, education and banking. In addition, two new V series cameras expand the mid-level and high end models. Each member of the E series incorporates improvements in core camera functionality to provide optimal images even in the most challenging security scenarios. The latest advances in view-DR dynamic range enhancing technology deliver detail even when imaging brightly backlit figures. Noise reduction is significantly enhanced and low light sensitivity is tremendously improved to more than twice that of Sony’s previous pace-setting cameras. Together, these enable high performance for both day and night applications. This surpasses cameras built with technologies that can only perform in either day or night use. Together, these enable high performance for both day and night applications. This surpasses cameras built with technologies that can only perform in either day or night use. All new models incorporate image stabilisation to reduce camera shake caused by wind and vibrations in mounting platforms, which blur images and wash out details. This new feature automatically compensates for such conditions, ensuring that E series cameras deliver imaging excellence at all times. The 10 new cameras in the E Series offer a comprehensive line-up of fixed, mini dome, vandal-proof mini dome and outdoor, rugged mini dome models. These are designed to be used for everyday video surveillance needs. Each IP camera delivers high performance, unprecedented flexibility and cost-efficiency. Interview of the month […]

Whittier College: New Surveillance Cameras Come To Residence Halls

Manuel Escalante STAFF WRITER Dana Christenson/Quaker Campus New cameras installed outside of Harris and Ball dorms by Campus Safety. In an effort to expand the surveillance system, Campus Safety began adding new cameras to the existing surveillance system around the campus. Newer security cameras have recently been installed to increase coverage around Ball and Johnson Hall. “The cameras have been around campus for a while,” Assistant Director Jose Padilla said, “We are looking to expand over the next five years.” Most of the cameras covering the halls are placed outside. They are aimed at the entrances to monitor who is going in and out of the halls. Of the new cameras in Ball, one is placed inside the lounge area facing the main entrance. The second camera is causing a bit of controversy because it is placed inside the hallway, nearby female dorm rooms. The camera is small and covered, thus it prevents anyone from seeing where the camera is pointing. This caused many students to react in suspicion. “I feel like any cameras in the hallways are an invasion of privacy,” first-year Zahra Jabalameli said, “Girls walk around in towels and sports bras and don’t want to be on camera.” This is the main concern many students express about any cameras inside the hallways. The area between the rooms and the bathrooms feels like a part of their home, and some students will act or dress in ways they probably would not if there was a camera watching […]