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Iowa Class Action Suit Filed Over Traffic Cameras

A class-action lawsuit filed on Tuesday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is challenging automated traffic cameras that City officials say save lives and reduce crashes. The cameras came under fire after the Iowa Department of Transportation said two Interstate 380 speed cameras —two of the most productive in the traffic enforcement program— don’t comply with state rules requiring at least 1,000 feet between a camera and speed limit change.

Chicago Security Camera Surge Sparks Concerns Of ‘Massive Surveillance System’

Between traffic-light cameras, blue-light cameras that scan neighborhoods for violent crime, cameras on board city trains and buses —not to mention private security cameras— there are few places you can go in Chicago without being monitored. In the metropolis known as the City of Big Shoulders, it seems Big Brother really is watching. At last […]

G4S Technology Awarded $12M In Contracts With Virginia Department Of Transportation

G4S Technology, an award-winning security and communications integrator, has been awarded contracts by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to provide fiber optic infrastructure, ITS equipment, and services along a 13-mile stretch of I64W near Waynesborough, Virginia. Under the terms of the contracts, G4S Technology will provide electronic messaging signs designed to keep travellers informed […]

Hawaii: Traffic Camera Blackouts Again

Are copper thieves to blame again?   Hitting the same location from less than two months ago. The city believes the culprits are vandals looking for copper. It’s a problem that just won’t go away, and this time 35 cameras on Oahu have gone dark. The barbed wire fence, warning signs and a combination lock didn’t stop vandals from getting to fiber optic cables under the Middle Street viaduct for a second time. The city’s transportation chief, Mike Formby, says he knows what the vandals are looking for. "Clearly there’s no copper, and after they cut the wire they determine there’s no copper and they leave everything," said Formby.   Vandals this time left the cut cable neatly wound. "It’s a very odd finding. Normally when you come across a scene like this you wouldn’t expect to find the fiber optic cable coiled and taped," said Formby. At about 2 a.m. Christmas Day, vandals cut into a conduit, then cut a fiber optic cable. The cut cable, cut the connection to 35 cameras affecting views from Middle Street to Ewa and from Kaneohe. That means workers in the city’s traffic management center can’t see what’s going on, and won’t know what changes to make to traffic signals to ease the flow of cars.   "We can’t remotely control the cameras and regulate traffic," said Formby. Back in November when the cables were vandalized in the same area it took a week to get the traffic cameras up and running […]