Deep Sentinel Introduces FlashBang – A Groundbreaking Active Deterrent Feature to Combat Rising Crime Rate

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FlashBang system offers a more efficient crime prevention tactic by adding the option to subdue criminals with smoke bombs, pepper sprays, and ear-piercing sirens to its AI-powered home and business security system

Deep Sentinel is set to revolutionize the security industry once again with the launch of FlashBang. A waitlist is now available on the Deep Sentinel website with the product officially launching in May 2024. Businesses will now have the opportunity to fight back against crime with FlashBang being a significant advancement in deterring criminal activity, offering proactive defense mechanisms that include smoke bombs, pepper sprays, and ear-piercing sirens.

Retail theft is spiraling out of control – stores lost an estimated $112 billion to retail theft in 2022, and projections indicate that amount may reach over $140 billion in 2025, according to Capital One Shopping Research. With crime rates escalating and criminal tactics becoming increasingly brazen via flash mob robberies and car-ramming burglaries, Deep Sentinel is empowering businesses to finally subdue and impair criminals.

“Crime is growing exponentially and more aggressively,” said David Selinger, CEO and founder of Deep Sentinel, emphasizing the critical role FlashBang will play in combating criminal threats.

“People want to see criminals stopped in their tracks. They want to see them behind bars. The way criminals conduct burglaries is much more complex than just 20 years ago, which traditional security companies like ADT were built around. That approach is incredibly outdated and antiquated, which is why we saw a need to bring FlashBang to market.”

FlashBang is equipped with an array of active deterrent capabilities, enabling more impactful action against intruders. When suspicious activity is detected, Deep Sentinel’s highly trained guards will first verify the crime and attempt to deter the criminal. If the dangerous activity continues, the guards will then assess the situation and deploy FlashBang, as necessary, to deter criminals effectively.

The integration of FlashBang into Deep Sentinel’s PoE camera-based security system offers seamless functionality, ensuring businesses can access these enhanced deterrent features with ease. One FlashBang device can be installed per camera, providing customizable coverage and reassuring protection against criminal threats.

FlashBang’s launch follows the company’s release of its new DS2 system at a critical time as communities across the country grapple with the escalation of crime. By empowering individuals and businesses with effective defense mechanisms like FlashBang, Deep Sentinel aims to create safer environments, deter criminal activity, and increase peace of mind for its customers.

Deep Sentinel is the only security technology that delivers the experience of a personal guard for every customer’s home and business. Deep Sentinel’s guards review and respond to alerts from cameras positioned around the perimeter of a customer’s property. This ensures that any suspicious activity is identified within seconds and that crime can be stopped before a potential burglar even starts to enter the home. visit:

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