Knightscope Delivers Incident Report On DC ‘Drowning’


Knightscope, Inc., developer of advanced autonomous physical security technologies focused on significantly enhancing US security operations, announced the results of its investigation regarding K5 MIN42 (aka “STEVE”) incident on July 17, 2017 at a Washington, DC, office building.

A K5 Autonomous Data Machine (Machine Identification Number 42) was patrolling a local mixed-use development in Washington, D.C. when at approximately 2:13pm EDT the machine veered away from its patrol zone and made an unscheduled stop into a property water feature.

Based on recovered data from the machine’s partially damaged “black box” video footage as well as multi-day on-site testing, it has been concluded that there was no foul play and rain was not a factor. The wheel slip algorithm was unable to detect a certain wheel skid caused by the “loose brick surface treatment” at the facility, rendering the cliff identification system not suitable for that instance.

Navigation stack improvements have already been implemented with additional research and development underway to further improve both the wheel slip and cliff detection capabilities as well as adding a new wheel skid detection capability.

Knightscope asserts that developing state-of-the-art autonomous technology must be done in real-world environments. It is not commercially reasonable to be developed in constrained laboratory settings and is grateful for its clients’ ongoing understanding and support.

As part of the Knightscope Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS) business model, MIN35 (recently named “Rosie” by the community) replacement machine was on-site within 48 hours, and the client’s account credited one month of subscription. The Company’s all-inclusive service policy covered maintenance, repair, shipping, and redeployment costs.

MIN42 “STEVE” is in the process of being rebuilt and is tentatively scheduled to patrol, of all places, a major aquarium.


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