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New MOBOTIX MOVE Range Of Video Surveillance Cameras

MOBOTIX has announced the launch of MOBOTIX MOVE, a new video surveillance camera family that supplements its current portfolio allowing end customers to benefit from additional features to meet a wider range of indoor and outdoor use cases. Customers can now obtain MOBOTIX MOVE products as they provide standards-based technology as well as products with unique MOBOTIX features from a single trusted source backed by industry leading quality and reliability.

NJ Bill Calling for Police Registry of Security Cameras Coming Into Focus

When a bad guy abducted a woman off the street in Philadelphia a few weeks ago and she was rescued when his car was located in Maryland, I marveled at the black box technology that found the vehicle. Assemblyman Ralph Caputo, D-Essex, NJ, was even more impressed with a nearby store’s video camera that recorded the entire incident and identified the car. So he crafted bill A-3843 permitting a municipality to enact an ordinance establishing a private outdoor video surveillance camera registry, requiring owners of such cameras to register them with police.

Idesco Launches New Showroom In NYC To Showcase Extensive Security Product Line

desco Corp., a leading security systems integrator, today announced that the company has launched a new state-of-the-art showroom where customers can experience live demonstrations of its key security products. Idesco showcases a wide array of security solutions from trusted manufacturers including ID card printers, CCTV & IP video cameras, access control systems and software, along […]

CaughtOnCamera: Burglar With Sledgehammer

SAN ANTONIO – A South Side homeowner’s video surveillance cameras were rolling earlier this month when a burglar used a sledgehammer to break into his home in broad daylight. The crime happened around 11:30 a.m. on Feb. 11, near Loop 410 and Roosevelt Avenue. The burglar used brute force to make entry into Amadeo Patterson’s home. "He uses a sledge hammer and within seven or eight seconds he’s inside the house," Patterson said. Patterson’s eight video cameras were rolling as the burglar grabbed whatever he could get his hands on. "He took a compound bow, two laptops, a Samsung touch-screen device, a whole bunch of jewelry and just a whole bunch of little stuff like that," Patterson said. Patterson has lived in the home since he was 8-years-old and this was 14th time he had been burglarized. Weeks before the most recent break-in, Patterson said another person got in through a window when the burglar bars were removed as the house was being painted.  "They came through our bedroom window and broke out the window," Patterson said. "They weren’t able to get in because of our headboard so I guess since he couldn’t get in he took our push mower instead." Fed up with the crime Patterson installed the surveillance cameras, but even they didn’t scare off the mid-day burglar. "He’s looking at the cameras he knows they’re there but apparently he don’t give a crap," Patterson said. "Unbelievable." Patterson said his neighbors have also been targeted. He’s now […]

Hikvision Leads Indian Video Surveillance Analog Camera Market

Indian video surveillance camera market posted shipment of 514,405 units in the first quarter of 2013. Hikvision is leading the Indian video surveillance camera market with 25 percent share. CP Plus and Maximus CCTV are the other two leading vendors in the Indian video surveillance camera market, Research and Markets said. Hikvision,  CP Plus and Maximus CCTV — top 3 players together constitute 48 percent of the market share in Q1 2013. Video surveillance camera market trends Analog surveillance systems account for 90 percent of the market share, whereas 10 percent of market share has been captured by IP systems. Around 69 percent of total units shipped are dome shaped. The PTZ feature can only be found in around 13 percent of the total units shipped. The Indian video surveillance camera market is ruled by analog based surveillance systems. However, video surveillance technology has shown an impressive evolution from the analog to digital. The need for smart and intelligent security systems due to increased criminal activities has also triggered the demand for video surveillance camera systems in India. Further, the image quality is of paramount importance in carrying out judicial procedures and law enforcement. The key opportunities for Indian video surveillance camera market in 2013 would be the demand for enhanced image quality; IP camera systems, emergence of mobile and cloud based video surveillance services. Demand for high-resolution cameras would increase by creating customer awareness regarding better resolution pictures for various applications. Article Tags Related Posts

Ambarella Positioned To Profit From Booming IP Camera Market

Summary: The IP video surveillance camera market is undergoing a fundamental disruption, driving strong secular growth (23% CAGR 2013-17). While the key IP camera vendors are based outside the US, and thus harder to invest in, Ambarella ( AMBA ) is well positioned to profit from its dominance in semiconductor video encoders. Currently, AMBA is trading at a very modest P/E multiple of 11x ex cash based on a FYE (January) 2015 EPS estimate of $1.12. Given the competitive dominance & growth profile, we believe a more reasonable P/E multiple is 18x ex-cash, which leads to $25 price target. Many discussions regarding Ambarella focus on its sports camera business. This is understandable, as GoPro cameras account for a significant portion of Ambarella’s revenue, and GoPro is a highly successful and visible consumer product. However, we believe that the IP camera market will be the key growth driver for the company, though investor focus on this market has been modest. In this article, we would like to provide a better picture of the secular growth of the market and why Ambarella is well positioned to benefit from it. IP Camera Industry Overview: The IP camera market consists of the traditional, business-focused (enterprise and SMB) video surveillance camera market and a nascent consumer IP camera market. Between these two markets, the traditional video surveillance camera market accounts for the majority share of the current TAM. The consumer IP camera market, although small today, is expected to grow rapidly, as the hardware […]