CaughtOnCamera: FedEx Van Rolls Away From Its Driver. Dogs Rejoice!


A close call between a house and a FedEx delivery van was caught on a surveillance camera recently. The video has now gone viral. The driver allegedly forgets to put the van into park and it rolls backwards down a declining street. Somehow, the van narrowly avoids hitting a tree and a house as it attempts its getaway.

In the video, the driver frantically chases down the FedEx delivery van, but then drops his handheld device while pursuing the rogue vehicle. The driver abandons his futile chase for the van and rescues his device from the road.

Neighborhood dogs watch the fiasco and leap around with excitement, making this unfortunate accident amusing to watch. FedEx spokesperson stated, “While this video shows an unfortunate situation for the driver, safety is our top priority, and we are relieved no one was hurt.”

The owner of the surveillance camera that caught the footage of the escaping FedEx van said that the van suffered some damage. The van’s side door, side panel, and rear door took a beating.

The homeowner wrote, “I did not speak to [the FedEx driver] directly, but did speak to the officer on the scene afterwards and everyone (except for a wooden fence) was OK.” […]


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