CaughtOnCamera: Security Footage Of Break-In At WA Governor’s Office

Washington State Patrol releases video of security footage of break-in at governor's office

OLYMPIA, Washington — The Washington State Patrol on Friday released security video from the governor’s office that shows two women who are accused of breaking into Gov. Jay Inslee’s private office at the state Capitol walking through the lobby and taking items.

A portion of the video, released after a public records request by The Associated Press, shows the women walking along the edge of the outside of the building, through the lobby of the office, and one woman picking up a trooper hat and putting in on her head.

Another portion of video taken from a different security camera shows the two women returning to their car parked on the Capitol campus. Two women were later arrested — Emily Huntzicker, 22, of Beaverton, Oregon, and Rachel Kamiya, 29, of Seattle, when they were pulled over for speeding.

The Olympian reported earlier in the week that both women were tentatively scheduled for arraignments in Thurston County Superior Court in Olympia on July 8.