Delta Showcasing the Seamless Integration of VIVOTEK’s New AI Camera with Delta Controls’ Red5 BACnet Controller for Smart Buildings at ISC West 2024

Delta unveiled a wide range of integrated building solutions at ISC West 2024. The showcase included a real demo of the new VIVOTEK AI surveillance camera, which is capable of adapting to adverse lighting conditions to provide intelligent object detection and analysis. The camera is also seamlessly integrated into Delta Controls’ new Red5-PLUS-ROOM controller, an IoT-based native BACnet building controller, to enable comprehensive control of building HVAC, lighting, access and more.

Gary Harvey, Director of Business Development & Operations at Delta Electronics Americas’ Building Automation, said,

“The market is in desperate need of integrated solutions to help realize smarter, more energy-efficient, healthier, and more comfortable buildings. VIVOTEK and Delta Controls are both brands of Delta, and the synergy between VIVOTEK’s advanced imaging technology and Delta Controls’ automation prowess redefine the standards of security, efficiency, and user experience.”

Attendees can look forward to the demonstration featuring a VIVOTEK AI camera detecting occupancy within specific locations in the Delta booth #22015.

With a dynamic range of 140 dB, the camera adeptly captures details in scenes with varying light intensities. Moreover, it incorporates advanced technologies like WDR Pro II, Smart IR III, and Vision Object Analytics, enhancing image quality in challenging lighting conditions and facilitating intelligent object detection and analysis, such as people and vehicle detection and attribute extraction.

This cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates with Delta Controls’ automation controller, enabling precise access control, lighting adjustments, and HVAC management. Beyond traditional surveillance, these advanced functionalities offer precise, real-time insights into visitor interactions, contributing to a seamless and efficient building automation experience.

VIVOTEK to showcase its products and technologies VIVOTEK will showcase its latest products and technologies

Furthermore, VIVOTEK will showcase its latest products and technologies, including the Edge AI cameras, business cloud-based security service VORTEX, and the VAST Security Station’s AI-powered Deep Search technology. These innovations incorporate Edge AI video analytics, integrating artificial intelligence into cameras and sensors for real-time event analysis. Applications span Smart Motion Detection, Smart VCA, Advanced Smart Tracking, Vision Object Analytics, Facial Recognition, Restricted Zone Detection, Parking Violation Detection, License Plate Recognition, and People Counting.

Red5-PLUS-ROOM controller to be displayed

Delta Controls will also be displaying the Red5-PLUS-ROOM controller, a fully programmable native BACnet building controller equipped with memory storage and external communication ports. This controller includes control logic for expansion modules and provides a comprehensive solution by integrating HVAC, access control, and lighting control within a modular system. It can accommodate up to 12 I/O or gateway modules and up to 24 access modules, provided the total number of modules remains below 24. The system enhances room control, eliminates the need for duplicate devices, and offers occupant satisfaction while reducing energy costs.

ISC West is the largest security conference in North America. Its 2024 edition will be held at the Venetian Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nev., from April 10-12. Visit Delta at booth #22015.

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