Antaira Technologies

Antaira Ethernet Extension Kit Supports Long-Reach Transmission of Data and PoE

Antaira Technologies launched a turnkey solution kit that extends the reach of 10/100 Ethernet and 802.3at PoE over UTP copper cabling up to 800 meters for reliable point-to-point connectivity. Eliminating the need for a local power supply, Antaira LEP-401M-KIT LAN extenders are ideal for deploying remote PoE (15W) and PoE+ (30W) powered devices, such as IP surveillance cameras, access points, and VoIP phones, beyond the 100-meter distance limitations of Ethernet cabling.

How are SFP Modules Used with Industrial Network Switches?

In reviewing today’s industrial network switches, one of the features that stand out are built-in SFP slots accompanying the standard RJ45 ports. SFP is short for Small Form-factor Pluggable, and it’s been an industry workhorse for nearly two decades. As a standardized network interface, SFP technology enables switches with SFP module slots and ports to connect to network components, either optically or electrically, at distances up to 160km (99.4 miles).

Opening the Door to Access Control in Industrial Facilities

Electronic access control (EAC) systems are often installed at the doors or gates of buildings as part of an overall physical security program. EAC acts as a digital checkpoint, selectively restricting entry to a building or zone only to authorized individuals, therefore adding a critical layer of protection for the people and assets inside. The level of access a person has will vary depending on their security status, or depending on the location they are attempting to enter. EAC will also regulate the times and conditions within which access is allowed.

Antaira Persistent PoE Technology Supplies Uninterrupted Power to Devices Connected to Managed Switches

When deploying managed PoE switches in an industrial network, upgrading firmware is an inevitable action to enhance switch performance. However, upgrading typically requires devices powered by the switch’s PoE to be shutdown for up to 15 minutes or more. As a result, data from these Powered Devices (PDs) that businesses rely upon to make informed decisions cannot be captured. PoE-powered PDs at risk include IP cameras, sensors, PLCs, VoIP phones, PoE lighting, and non-PoE switches.

Antaira Managed Switches Bring Advanced Connectivity to Airport’s Anti-Drone System

Antaira Technologies recently partnered with a Utah-based airspace security and defense company to help implement a digital 3D protective shield to counter illegal entry by drones into a restricted airfield. Because connectivity was critical to the system’s responsiveness, Antaira LMX-1202G-SFP-T Gigabit-managed Ethernet switches were deployed inside multiple tall pillars surrounding the protected airspace. The switches link together dozens of IP video surveillance cameras, computers, and drone detection radar systems to the airport’s central control station.

How IP Cameras are Used for License Plate Recognition

License plate recognition (LPR) makes it possible to detect, read, and store the image of a vehicle’s license plate. Such technology has numerous applications—it can facilitate traffic control and electronic toll collections, improve security in private sector industries such as hospitals or museums, and serve as a crime deterrent. To accomplish these many useful tasks, LPR relies heavily on the use of highly innovative and advanced cameras.

Antaira to Showcase Network Connectivity Solutions at ISC West 2022

Antaira Technologies announced that it will be attending the International Security Conference & Exposition –also known as ISC West– taking place March 22-25, 2022 at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas. Exhibiting in ISC West booth #32087, Antaira will share its expanded portfolio of network switches, wireless devices, media converters, and serial communication devices, all designed to help security integrators enhance the power, reliability and scalability of their operations with leading-edge connectivity.