US Law Enforcement Agencies Struggle To Connect Digital Evidence Across Multiple Domains According to GBC Poll

Siren released findings of a Flash Poll conducted by the Government Business Council (GBC) focused on the challenges faced by US law enforcement agencies undertaking digital investigations. The research found that 64% of respondents are finding it increasingly difficult to attract employees with the right technical skills, and 42% are very or extremely challenged by an excess of disparate data sources and are having difficulty in connecting those sources. Overall, this data shows that security concerns, timing, and data aggregation were ongoing challenges for law enforcement as new technologies and data streams emerge.

ShadowDragon and Siren Form Strategic Partnership

ShadowDragon™ announced a strategic partnership with Siren, a Investigative Intelligence analytics. The partnership between the two companies establishes an alignment particularly relevant to law enforcement, national security, and investigative corporate users. ShadowDragon simplifies the complexities of modern investigations that involve multiple online environments. Data sources it can access include news, current affairs, social media, chatrooms, online forums, malware intelligence, and historical datasets. Applications such as SocialNet™, OIMonitor™, and MalNet™ are part of the ShadowDragon suite, which extract static and live open source data from global networks.