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Calipsa Survey Shows Video Monitoring Centers Surviving COVID-19

Owners and managers of video monitoring centers have generally fared well during the COVID-19 pandemic, with nearly half increasing business according to a recent international survey conducted by Calipsa. The Calipsa Video Monitoring Report 2020 found 47% of respondents said the pandemic had stimulated business growth, providing an average 33% increase in clients and a 30% boost in revenue. More than a third (37%) of businesses reported no change in performance.

Calipsa’s Masterclass Helps Video Monitoring Leaders Build Their Businesses

Industry professionals will explore the global challenges and opportunities facing video monitoring operations during the second annual Calipsa Masterclass. Calipsa will host the free, two-and-a-half-hour virtual event beginning at 10 a.m. EST, Nov. 18. This year’s event will cover topics including: ‘How technology and COVID-19 have impacted video monitoring in 2020’ and ‘A deep dive into artificial intelligence and machine learning’.

The Bad Guys Have Allies – Do You?

Today’s criminals are more sophisticated than the bad guys of previous generations, according to the experts at GuardOne Security, the industry-leading security patrol and remote video monitoring company. Armed with modern technology, criminals conduct sophisticated “homework” in advance of a crime, increasing their chances of a successful heist. They can easily gather information online about your business or property, your daily operations, and much more.