Axis Raises the Bar on Cybersecurity to Provide Wide-Ranging FIPS 140-Compliant Products to Government Customers

Axis Communications announces plans to expand the number of network physical security products certified to FIPS 140 under the Federal Information Processing Standards. This move will improve the cybersecurity postures of Axis customers that must meet the FIPS 140 certification, specifically in the government and critical infrastructure sectors. FIPS is widely recognized as state-of-the-art security standards issued by the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)

Panasonic Begins Licensing IP Core for Semiconductors Complying with IEEE 1901–2020

Panasonic Corporation announced that it has begun licensing the HD-PLCTM 41 IP core required for the design of semiconductors with technologies and functions that comply with the IEEE 1901–20202 international standard. As the fourth generation of the HD-PLC series, this IP core will expand the scope of HD-PLC’s deployment beyond the traditional focus of power lines to existing metal wires, such as control lines and coaxial cables.