Mercury MP Controller Fact Sheet

Mercury: Company overview

Mercury is based in Long Beach, Calif. Mercury was founded in1992, and was acquired by HID in 2017.

For over 30 years, Mercury has partnered with OEMs and Fortune 500 companies to develop and refine access control systems for reliability and longevity. Mercury has the largest installed base in the industry, with over 5 million authentic Mercury controllers sold to partners worldwide.

New Product Launch: Meet the new Mercury MP Intelligent Controllers

With enhanced cybersecurity features, robust and reliable components, as well as an open architecture design, Mercury MP Intelligent Controllers bridges the gap between today’s urgent security needs and tomorrow’s emerging technologies.

This future-ready platform brings the following benefits:

  1. Open Architecture: Provides customers the freedom to choose best of breed software providers – today and in the future
  2. Business Continuity: Gives customers dual footprint circuit designs with alternate components through a variety of supply chain options
  3. Enhanced Cybersecurity: Delivers secure boot CPU and latest crypto, including ARM TrustZone
  4. Expanded Integrations: Offers customers a future-ready app development environment

Additional benefits of the Mercury MP Controllers include:

  • Comprehensive testing, including threat modeling and assessments, in alignment with Mercury’s Secure Software Development Lifecycle Policy (SSDL).
  • Host API and versatile SDK simplify application development and deployment.
  • Ready to run advanced applications and analytics at the edge, whether locally or as an extension of server- and cloud-based solutions.
  • Secure integration of wireless locks, power supplies, elevators and more.

MercOS 2.1: advanced firmware for a future-ready infrastructure that can evolve at the speed of software.

The utility of the Mercury MP Controllers can evolve rapidly with the addition of new functionality via updates to the MercOS 2.1 firmware platform and on-board applications. This reduces the need to replace hardware as organizational needs change.

Additionally, there are:

  • Capable hardware ready to support the edge-based processing and analytics of tomorrow.
  • New peripherals and features that can be integrated with less time and effort.
  • Greater compatibility with a wide range of leading software and hardware eliminates integration friction.

What is MercOS 2.1?

MercOS 2.1 is the latest release as part of the MercOS 2.x platform, first released in November 2023. It’s designed for an open architecture and future-ready technology. It supports both Mercury LP (3rd generation, red boards) and the new Mercury MP (4th generation, black boards) intelligent controllers.

  • The firmware offers static and dynamic analysis, security testing (SAST/DAST) and software composition analysis (SCA).
  • Continuous scanning facilitates prioritization and action against Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs).
  • Lightweight MQTT-based (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) host API allows for better alignment with IoT (Internet of Things) standards.
  • DAST, Vulnerability scanning and dynamic analysis security testing

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