Iris ID Introduces IrisTime™ iTMS Cloud, a New Plug and Play Experience for Workforce Management Providers

Iris ID introduces Iris ID IrisTime™, IrisTime Management Service (iTMS) Cloud. Designed to automate integration between time clocks and HRMS, IrisTime iTMS Cloud easily converts transactional data in real time information.

IrisTime iTMS Cloud helps reduce costs and eliminate human errors when employees are punching in or doing other related tasks such as entering job transfers or hours worked.

The initial roll out of iTMS Cloud provides Iris ID resellers and clients with the opportunity to securely manage employee information through a reseller or client web portal.

The self-service web portal allows review of transactional data, employee information, and management of the data to a HRMS, as well as management of the IrisTime iT100 time clock. iTMS Cloud is a win-win for all size organizations but especially for small and mid-size companies who do not have the bandwidth to manually monitor and analyze employee records.

iTMS Cloud and  iT100

iTMS Cloud will save users an incredible amount of time enabling workers to be more productive and managers to focus on growing the business. Additional advantages include scalability, as iTMS Cloud and  iT100 devices are configured to securely handle large volumes of punch data. The iTMS Cloud REST API interface allows users to automate the configuration process with both speed and efficiency.

The iTMS Cloud and the iT100 device also support accuracy and security; only authorized personnel can be identified, and all biometric data is encrypted before transmission.  And finally, the iTMS Cloud is ready to be integrated into any major HRMS. There is no need to worry about maintenance as the iTMS Cloud is hosted and monitored by Iris ID using enterprise level security including remote clock software update.

IrisTime iTMS Cloud is a complementary solution, that when paired with the IrisTime iT100 Time Clock, provides users with a superior iris and face fusion solution for capturing employee data. This easy plug and play experience is enriched by a straightforward customer onboarding and reseller sign-up process.

“For over twenty-five years, Iris ID has delivered the most advanced identity authentication solutions to organizations. IrisTime iTMS Cloud leverages our leading technology and solves the longstanding challenges of non-contact accurate data entry and timely data collection for time and attendance applications,”

said Mohammed Murad, Vice President Global Business Development and Sales.

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