Intellicene Partners with Oosto to Enhance Security Software with Advanced Facial Recognition Technology

Intellicene has announced a strategic partnership with Oosto. The collaboration supports the integration of Oosto’s advanced facial recognition technology within Intellicene’s suite of intelligent security software, enhancing Intellicene’s technology offerings to the company’s global customer base.

Oosto’s facial recognition technology

Oosto’s AI-driven technology enhances Intellicene’s Symphia platform’s capabilities, providing an additional layer of protection that can effectively identify, track, and alert of any potential security threats in real time. Global organizations place their trust in Oosto’s facial recognition technology, which is known for its precision, user-friendliness, and efficacy. Intellicene’s Symphia platform is used extensively in critical operations across the world.

“We’re thrilled to align our business with Intellicene, a company that shares our vision for leveraging AI technology to improve security,” said Avi Golan, CEO, Oosto.

“By integrating our facial recognition technology into Intellicene’s trusted platform, we’re able to bring more sophisticated and intuitive watchlist alerting solutions to a wider market”

Intellicene has invested heavily in R&D efforts to revolutionize the security industry with its intelligent, data-driven approach and this partnership underscores its commitment to staying at the forefront of technology. By leveraging Oosto’s facial recognition technology, as part of Symphia FaceDetect, Intellicene can offer more sophisticated, comprehensive, and reliable security solutions to its clients.

“Combining our security management software, Symphia, with Oosto’s facial recognition technology not only extends our capabilities but also enables us to offer our customers a truly intelligent security solution that empowers them to receive and use the data needed to mitigate risks,” said Alan Stoddard, CEO, Intellicene.

“The power of this synergy will ensure our customers are provided with security that is both robust and highly adaptable to their individual needs.”

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Leading organizations in the financial services, corporate buildings, retail, hospitality and gaming, and other Fortune 500 companies use Oosto’s leading Vision AI platform to positively impact safety, productivity, and customer experience. visit:

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