Surveon Keeps Data Intact With Long Data Retention Solutions

Surveon Long Data Retention graphic

From big data to AI era, to transform a great amount data into useful information to improve business or social benefits, Data Retention technology is becoming the planning and acceptance of most projects due to it allows data to be kept intact for long time. Surveon Data Retention Solutions provide four advantages, including large capacity for 365-day recording, advanced RAID + spare drive for data security, unique failover for continuous record when NVR fails, robust data replication for double data protection, keeping the factory in Kuwait and one of the public hospitals in Asia surveillance intact.

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LockState Secures $5.8 Million In Series A Round Of Funding


LockState, the parent company of RemoteLock cloud platform for smart locks, announced it raised $5.8 million in a Series A round of funding, led by Iron Gate Capital in Boulder and joined by Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. (KKE) in Japan, Nelnet, and Service Provider Capital. RemoteLock is the leading cloud-based smart lock platform enabling users to manage any type of internet-enabled lock from a single centralized dashboard.

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NETAVIS Releases sMart Data Warehouse Version 4.0

NETAVIS sMART 4.0 graphic

NETAVIS Software of Germany has released sMart Data Warehouse Version 4.0 that delivers a new set of features to provide the user with configurable information about their security systems. sMart is now able to show how often cameras lose their network connection, which users most frequently accessed archive recordings, which cameras have the highest amount of perimeter intrusion alerts, or other information. NETAVIS’ latest release also gives you the possibility to create links between dashboards and maps.

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Optimizing Performance With Artificial Intelligence In The Oil And Gas Industry


We know by now that the possibilities and opportunities presented by artificial intelligence (AI) to both the security industry and beyond are nearly limitless; as one of the most exciting and fastest growing branches of computer science, AI has demonstrated its ability to provide exceptional efficiency and task adaptability to a wide range of markets. In areas that are seeing rapid growth and the need for increased productivity, users demand solutions that simplify and enhance processes in a cost-effective manner.

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Oncam Appoints Simon Reed As Vice President Of Sales For EMEA And Asia


Oncam announced the promotion of Simon Reed to Vice President of Sales, EMEA and Asia. In these dynamic regions, Reed will lead the implementation of the company’s strategic vision to expand market share, propel new deployments of the company’s award-winning technology, and boost strategic alliances. In this role, Reed will collaborate with the company’s regional sales directors across the UK, Europe, Turkey, APAC and South Asia, and align with other senior sales executives to streamline account acquisition.

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Wavestore And Facit Form Technology Partnership To Aid GDPR Compliance


Wavestore and analytics experts Facit Data Systems have formed a technology partnership to help organisations comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when managing their surveillance system. The GDPR regulation stipulates any person whose image is recorded on a video surveillance system has a right to seek and be supplied with a copy of their own personal data from the footage. However, the identity of any other individuals who also feature in any part of that footage need to be protected when the recording is shared with a third party.

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Arecont Vision LLC Signs Asset Purchase Agreement With An Affiliate Of Turnspire

Arecont Vision and Transpire Capital logos

Arecont Vision® announced that it has executed an asset purchase agreement with an affiliate of Turnspire Capital Partners, LLC under which Turnspire will acquire substantially all of the Company’s assets. As previously announced, the Company has initiated proceedings under chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in the District of Delaware to facilitate the Purchase Agreement and substantially reduce its debt. The Company has also filed a bid procedures and sale motion with the Court. The Turnspire bid will be subject to an auction at which it will be subject to higher and better offers, and requires Court approval.

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Sprint Launches Groundbreaking IoT Factory To Make Everyday Business Easier


Sprint announced the launch of the Sprint IoT Factory, a game-changing online marketplace that presents businesses with a wide selection of complete, ready-made boxed solutions that leverage the power of IoT (Internet of Things) to help them do business smarter. With more than 550,000 developers already driving innovation on the platform, everyday businesses now have access to the latest technology to connect and automate what matters most to their unique operations.

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Dahua Unveils A Series Of Industrial Cameras To Enrich Its Machine Vision Lineup


With the rapid development of industrial automation, the long for productivity enhancement, labor interference reduction and product quality improvement is souring, resulting in a rapidly growing demand of industrial cameras. Dahua Technology, a leading solution provider in the global video surveillance industry, has unveiled a series of new industrial camera to enrich its product offering globally for logistics industry and general industry automation. Together with the new launches, Dahua has broadened its product reach and established a wide product selection.

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IndigoVision, Boston Networks And Dell Technologies Team Up With Social Bite To Tackle Homelessness In Scotland

Social Bite logo

IndigoVision, Boston Networks and Dell Technologies team up with Social Bite to tackle homelessness in Scotland. Developer of complete end-to-end video security solutions, IndigoVision, along with their Authorized Partner Boston Networks and valued Technology Partner Dell Technologies, has provided Social Bite with a security system for their Social Bite Village. Social Bite is on a mission to build a collaborative movement to end homelessness in Scotland, thanks to recent fundraising efforts the Social Bite Village has become one of their many projects to help achieve this goal. The idea is to bring people from all walks of life in Scotland together to ensure that no one ends up homeless.

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