IFSS Announces Investment to Support Strategic Growth Plans


Integrated Fire and Security Solutions announced that it has received a private equity investment to drive strategic growth and further build its presence in the dynamic Southeastern U.S. market. The sizable investment will be used to expand sales operations, acquire similarly aligned service providers and boost service offerings focused on recurring revenue services. The investment by Newlook Capital is part of the organization’s strategic focus on investing in high-growth industrial services companies.

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FLIR Launches Brickstream People Counting Sensor with Employee Filtering Solution

FLIR Brickstream

FLIR Systems announced the latest generation of the FLIR Brickstream 3D Gen 2 people counting sensor. This new version includes a unique employee filtering feature designed to provide retail and shopping businesses with more accurate customer traffic data and sales conversion metrics. The employee filtering feature uses a combination of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and employee-worn tags to automatically identify and remove staff from customer counts.

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Percepto Launches Its Autonomous Industrial Drone Solution Across Singapore in Partnership with Certis

Percepto Drone

Percepto announced that the company has launched its market-leading industrial on-site autonomous drone solution in Singapore, through partnership with Certis. In October 2018, Certis announced that it has expanded its industry-leading ops-tech capabilities to deliver Security Plus (Security+) solutions. Today, Certis’ Security+ combines advanced security, facilities management, and customer service into a single holistic service, supported and underpinned by technology.

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Arecont Vision Costar Positioned for Growth on 1st Anniversary of Launch

Shane Compton

Arecont Vision Costar announces the 1st anniversary this month of its launch as a business unit of Texas-based Costar Technologies, Inc. The new company has committed itself to the delivery of the surveillance industry’s best customer experience and to fully addressing ongoing customer needs and requirements. The company marked its 1st anniversary with the launch of a new public website. Arecont Vision Costar was launched on July 13th, 2018.

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NEC to Provide Customs Procedure System With Face Recognition for Six Major Airports in Japan

NEC Customs Procedure System

NEC Corporation has announced an order from Japan Customs, under the Ministry of Finance, for an electronic customs procedure system utilizing face recognition to be installed at the customs inspection areas of six major airports in Japan: New Chitose Airport, Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport, Chubu International Airport, Kansai International Airport and Fukuoka Airport. This electronic customs procedure system utilizes NEC’s face recognition technology.

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Qognify to Focus on the Transition to Cognitive Cities at 5th National Summit on 100 Smart Cities India 2019

Dilip Verma

Qognify announced that it will share its expertise of how metropolitan areas can make the shift from being safe and smart to fully cognitive cities, at the 5th National Summit on 100 Smart Cities India 2019. Qognify is the Presenting Partner of the Summit in New Dehli. Qognify, with its Safe & Smart City Solution, is one of the leaders in safe and smart cities in India. It is currently involved in more than 20 safe and smart city projects throughout the country.

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Thefts from Boats Prompt New Surveillance System for Yarmouth Harbour from Dahua Technology

Dahua Harbour Security

A video surveillance system with around 40 IP and thermal cameras from Dahua Technology has been installed at Yarmouth Harbour on the Isle of Wight. The harbour consists of a large marina, docks for the Wightlink Ferry terminal, and pontoons and boat moorings upstream. The Dahua cameras are a mix of thermal bullets, IR bullets, Ultra PTZs, IR domes and fisheye cameras. The thermal cameras are especially suited to wide area outdoor video surveillance.

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Delta Scientific DSC600 Bollard Stops Truck from Entering Tallahassee’s Old Capitol Grounds

DSC600 turn-at-front-parking

Delta Scientific announced that a truck crashed into a DSC600 bollard protecting the Old Capitol ground June 13, 2019, in Tallahassee. The vehicle went no further than the bollard itself, stuck on top so well that it took two other trucks to remove it. With a foundation only 14 inches deep versus the four feet typically required, Delta’s DSC600 Shallow Foundation High-Security Bollards can be installed within sidewalks or in planters.

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Rekor Announces Upgrade to Industry Leading OpenALPR Vehicle Recognition Software

Rekor openALPR

Rekor Systems announced that it has released an upgrade to its OpenALPR vehicle recognition software. The newly released software improves processing speed on Central Processing Units up to 100%, thus enabling customers to reduce costs by deploying up to twice as many cameras using the same computing hardware. Other upgrades include performance improvements on Nvidia Graphics Processing Units.

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