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Magos Systems improves site safety and reduces nuisance alarms with enhancements to perimeter detection solution

Magos Systems is introducing new features to reduce false alarms at the perimeter and help to streamline security operations at a variety of different types of sites. The introduction of Blue Force GPS and speed and direction-based filtering to the Magos perimeter detection solution provides facilities with increased situational awareness of their site while reducing nuisance alarms that add to the operator’s information overload and distract them from responding to actual events.

New Dragonfruit Cloud VMS Screener+ SaaS Solution Automatically Eliminates False Alarms up to 99%

False alarms drain the life out of security operations on so many levels by wasting valuable personnel resources and budget, and hampering overall situational awareness and security. Now Dragonfruit Frontier Cloud VMS and video analytics users can automatically eliminate false alarms by as much as 99% with a new Video Verification as a Service called […]

A New York City Commercial Landmark Building Enhances Their Existing BPSI’s Building Sentry One Chemical Detection System

Building Protection Systems announced that one of their premier New York City Landmark Building portfolio clients has enhanced their existing Building Sentry One™ Chemical Detection System after 48-months of continuous 24/7/365 operation. The client was so impressed by the ZERO FALSE ALARM operation over the past 48-months that they have moved forward with the Next Generation Sensor Array upgrade to continue protecting their asset as well as their tenant base within the facility.

PACOM 8003 Hybrid Control Panel Targets False Alarms

PACOM Systems is helping users reduce false alarms with the PACOM 8003 intelligent security control panel. A true hybrid panel, the PACOM 8003 is capable of delivering both advanced access control and robust, EN Grade 3 intrusion detection across applications of all sizes; from simple two-door installations to campuses and multi-site estates. Built to ensure compliance with widely recognised EN 50131 and BS8243 PD6662-2017 approvals, the PACOM 8003 helps to reduce false alarms by meeting exacting standards concerning the method by which alarms are confirmed and therefore whether a police response is activated.

Intelligent Buildings: Why Integrate Fire Safety and Security?

Against the backdrop of today’s challenges, we have to protect vital assets. Starting at the perimeter, use of CCTV and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR/LPR) technologies are now widespread. The restriction of physical access and perimeter protection are alternative ways of deterring unauthorized intrusion.

VideoIQ Analytics Versus Advanced Motion Detection

Many people love our analytics, but few truly understand them. Most misconceptions spur from a misunderstanding of how VideoIQ analytics function versus the numerous advanced motion detection alternatives. To truly comprehend the differences, we must first examine the basics. Thus, I have saved our analytics intricate self-learning capabilities for a later post, while we explore […]