Intelligent Buildings: Why Integrate Fire Safety and Security?

Intelligent Buildings: Why integrate Fire Safety and Security?

Against the backdrop of today’s challenges, we have to protect vital assets. Starting at the perimeter, use of CCTV and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR/LPR) technologies are now widespread.

The restriction of physical access and perimeter protection are alternative ways of deterring unauthorized intrusion.

And by integrating access control to restrict access to specific areas, cameras can be even more intuitive by adding enhanced technology such as video analytics to obtain greater information and intelligence.

Moving inside, internal CCTV is utilized for asset protection and passive infrared for people detection.

Higher areas of risk may demand enhanced detection such as biometric devices. For more intelligent systems video analytics is increasingly used for spatial awareness.

Building entry points are vulnerable and anomaly detection for both people and vehicles can be used to improve security.

Often technology is only part of the solution; people behaviors also need to be addressed.

Convergence of physical and logical access can now be provided by single card sign-on, resulting in improved people identity systems and other benefits such as cashless vending and asset tagging.

Integration of fire safety
It is essential that fire detection systems minimise the risk of false alarms as the consequences in this environment can be catastrophic.

Once again, devices need to be more intelligent, meaning decision-making is made within the device and not the panel.

Multiple and simultaneous sensors mean zero false alarms. Mass evacuation recognises the need for greater control during a major incident, offering controlled evacuation where selected floors are evacuated, while simultaneously alerting others.

Integration of fire safety with security
By integrating fire and security we can take a much more holistic approach to command and control. We then decide which technologies to converge to deliver improved cost and manpower efficiencies.