New Dragonfruit Cloud VMS Screener+ SaaS Solution Automatically Eliminates False Alarms up to 99%

False alarms drain the life out of security operations on so many levels by wasting valuable personnel resources and budget, and hampering overall situational awareness and security. Now Dragonfruit Frontier Cloud VMS and video analytics users can automatically eliminate false alarms by as much as 99% with a new Video Verification as a Service called […]

Dragonfruit Frontier Provides Cost-effective, Highly Accurate LPR Solution

ragonfruit, Frontier delivers a software-only License Plate Recognition (LPR) solution that employs advanced AI technology vs. traditional image processing. Unlike conventional LPR analytics, Dragonfruit Frontier works with virtually any surveillance camera, eliminating the need for custom hardware and complex installations, which greatly reduces costs. Designed for fast and accurate identification, Dragonfruit Frontier’s advanced LPR analytics automatically detects and logs license plate numbers with the ability to categorize license plates by region and type to quickly narrow down vehicles of interest.