Blackline Safety

Blackline Safety Launches First EU Service Centre

Blackline Safety Corp. announced the launch of its first European Union (EU)-based service centre. As Blackline has achieved 118% revenue growth over the last two years in Europe, the service centre is designed to meet heightened customer demand across the region. The facility occupies a dedicated area within Blackline’s French site, strategically located in the industrial heart of north-eastern France near Lille, and is staffed by an established in-house team of technical and product specialists. Blackline will provide local customer service and offer rentals for Europe out of the centre.

New Smart, Connected Wearables by Blackline Safety Keep Workers Safe

The easily configurable G7 wearables –small, wireless devices worn like a cell phone– accurately detect gas leaks, falls and other health events in all types of business environments, from lone workers in the field to industrial workers. They can also be used for contact tracing purposes or to determine how often workers travel through high-risk areas. The devices operate on available cellular, with optional satellite connectivity, and deploy in minutes, straight out of the box.