Intrinsic ID Launches Software to Protect Billions of Smart, Connected Devices Addressing Worldwide Cybersecurity Challenges

Intrinsic ID Zign

Intrinsic ID Zign Gives Every Connected Device a Unique Identity and Strong Security Basis to Protect Against Malicious Intrusion, Ensure Trusted Communication and Comply with Latest Legislation

Intrinsic ID announced a new software-only solution that enables every connected device to have a unique identity and hardware-based security anchor, improving the reliability and trustworthiness of these devices, their networks and communications. The IoT security lately has been the subject of international legislation, underscoring the importance of the challenge for worldwide cybersecurity.

Zign provides a cost-effective security solution aimed at a broad range of sectors, including business, manufacturing, banking, critical infrastructure, medical and automotive. Easy to deploy on any type of new or existing IoT device, Zign can encrypt any IoT data, both in transit and on the device.

Zign works with both the US and EU Governments.

Zign works in compliance with the most stringent security standards of both the US and EU Governments. The Intrinsic ID Zign solution combines proven, patented PUF technology with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)-certified cryptographic algorithms to ensure a high level of security with unclonable, invisible keys, and encryption protections for even the smallest devices. 

“Governments around the world are waking up and realizing additional security standards for consumer devices are needed to address the growing and important role the billions of connected devices we rely on everyday play. The EU Cyber Resilience Act, and the IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act in the United States are driving improved security practices as well as an increased sense of urgency. With the immense diversity of IoT devices supplied by various vendors, a device-agnostic security solution is key. Zign enables a more trustworthy and reliable IoT by providing every device with a security anchor based on the unique hardware properties of the device,” said Dr. Pim Tuyls, CEO and co-founder of Intrinsic ID.

“This level of security helps build resilience and trust in our connected world.”

Zign changes Cryptographic key into software.

Cryptographic keys are essential for devices to encrypt data and secure communications. Traditionally, these keys are programmed into devices at secure manufacturing facilities and require costly, dedicated hardware for secure storage.

Zign changes this by offering a highly secure solution implemented totally in software. Zign leverages the proven and patented SRAM PUF technology from Intrinsic ID to derive device-unique keys from tiny variations in the silicon of every chip, eliminating the need for programming keys or dedicated security hardware.

With Zign, the keys are never stored and never leave the device, so they are invisible to attackers, unobtainable, and cannot be copied or altered, providing unmatched data security for an already huge and still growing market.

Key features and benefits of Intrinsic ID Zign include:

  • Improved security and compliance with upcoming legislation and standards, even for existing devices: Zign enables device makers to add basic security properties meeting NIST certification standards to any device, regardless of the type of hardware, even on devices already deployed.
  • Cost-effective to deploy: Zign can patch lacking security remotely, avoiding expensive recalls of unsecure devices and eliminating the need for trusted facilities to provision keys or for dedicated security hardware.
  • Strong and proven security: Zignprovides the highest level of security based on patented PUF technology that has been stringently tested and certified by, among others, the US Department of Defense and EU governments, and has been field-proven in more than a half-billion devices.
  • Future-proof solution: Zign provides all required security functions to protect IoT devices during their entire lifecycle by enabling users to securely onboard and authenticate devices to services, set up secure communication, protect data at rest and in transit, and even de/re-commission keys at end of life. 

Standards, Pricing and Availability

Zign is a NIST/FIPS-compliant software solution that enables IoT device makers to create a hardware-based root of trust. It has been validated for NIST CAVP and is ready for FIPS 140-3. Randomness is according to NIST SP 800-90A/B. Zign is available immediately and can be implemented at any stage of a device’s lifecycle, even after a device is already created and/or deployed in the field.

Intrinsic ID is the world’s leading provider of security IP for embedded systems based on PUF technology. The technology provides an additional level of hardware security utilizing the inherent uniqueness in each and every silicon chip. The IP can be delivered in hardware or software and can be applied easily to almost any chip –from tiny microcontrollers to high-performance FPGAs– and at any stage of a product’s lifecycle.

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