WiTTRA Announces an Exclusive Canadian Partnership to Revolutionise IoT for Indoor Positioning to Improve Enterprise Operational Efficiency

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Internet of Things (IoT), where interconnected devices are driving transformative changes across industries, a unique partnership solving one of IoT’s greatest challenges has emerged.

WiTTRA Networks, has partnered with Bell Canada (BCE), Canada’s largest communications company, to deliver the full potential of IoT Asset Tracking for Canadian enterprises.

“Unlocking the potential of the Internet of Things demands ingenuity and strategic collaboration. We are thrilled to join forces with Bell, uniting our pioneering technology with their industry-leading network expertise to catalyse transformative change within the IoT domain, and solving one of the markets’ greatest needs; indoor positioning solutions.”

remarked Håkan Dackefjord, CEO of WiTTRA.

WiTTRA’s Patented Indoor Positioning Technology has set new benchmarks within industrial IoT. This cutting-edge innovation enables rapid, secure and efficient IoT signal transmissions across diverse environments –indoor, outdoor and underground– all within a single technology deployment.

This unique IoT design offers flexible indoor asset tracking accuracy, from metres to decimetres, allowing clients to invest in the right level of positioning resolution where needed, and saving the costs of hardware where they do not.  Additionally, WiTTRA offers a broad range of sensing and monitoring technologies that connect within the same IoT network, finally providing customers with a single IoT deployment for virtually all tracking, positioning, and monitoring needs.

“Increasingly, customers in segments such as Hospitals and Airports need complete asset visibility and access to insights that can help optimize their operations. Introducing WiTTRA’s leading indoor positioning solution answers that need, backed by Bell’s IoT leadership on Canada’s high-quality national network, security leadership, and over 200 certified IoT experts.”

commented Costa Pantazopoulos, VP Product, Bell Canada. 

WiTTRA’s pioneering wireless network can require 5X to 10X less hardware investments versus incumbent technologies, all within a future-proof architecture. This strategic partnership signifies a joint commitment to innovation and a shared vision of a connected world where IoT solutions unlock greater efficiencies across industries ranging from industrial to commercial, and complex sites such as airports, hospitals and construction. Together we can confidently offer one of the most comprehensive, single network IoT solutions available.

WiTTRA Networks AB is a global provider of wireless connectivity and digitalization solutions within industrial IoT, aimed at simplifying the complexity of IoT for customers. The technology offers multi-protocol, unified wireless connectivity, compatibility with thousands of third-party sensors to avoid vendor lock-in, and cost-scalable positioning technology to suit any asset tracking use case on any sized site. Visit: www.wittra.io

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Source: wittra.io