Viakoo Service Assurance Manager Ensures Optimal IoT Security System Performance While Dramatically Reducing Downtime

Automated Diagnostics Eliminate Common Performance Errors Including Missing Video and Access Fails

Viakoo highlights the effectiveness of its Service Assurance Manager(SAM)solution for reducing downtime of IoT security systems, such as video and access control, and providing organizations the highest level of security possible. SAM effectively ensures every device on the network is visible and performing as expected to reduce system interruptions and maintain continuous security operations. Viakoo’s SAM platform is available for demonstration at this year’s ISC West conference,booth #32047.

Viakoo SAM platform

The Viakoo SAM platform is the first and market-leading solution to automatically confirm that a network’s physical security devices are operating properly and continuously. Unlike IT monitors, individual device “self-test health checks”, video content managers, and proprietary device management systems that don’t scale, SAM automates many operational processes, diagnosing problems and providing security professionals with a plan to fix any identified issues. SAM is designed to be either used directly by physical security system operators or be delivered as a service by integrators and managed security service providers (MSSPs).

“What is unique about the Service Assurance Manager is its ability to provide assurance to a variety of IoT devices, including those associated with video security systems,” said Bud Broomhead, CEO, Viakoo.

“For example, SAM solves the issue of missing video by proactively verifying the performance and integrity of video data, diagnosing any problems, and informing users on how to remediate the problem. This is key when it comes to providing critical video evidence and substantiating video retention compliance during a regulatory audit.”

Viakoo SAM provides setup, deployment, and reporting functions that deliver management efficiencies to teams of all sizes. The platform can be deployed within minutes using cloud-based SaaS offering or deployed on-premises.SAM is built on a Digital Twin model, enabling detailed reporting, metrics, and data analysis tools to have full understanding of an IoT environment.

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Viakoo enables customers to defend their physical security and IoT/OT attack surface. Viakoo’s vision is for every connected enterprise device to be 100% visible, operational, and secured. The agentless Viakoo Action Platform keeps distributed physical security and IoT/OT environments secure and continuously operational at the lowest risk and cost. visit:

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