Vicon’s 3 MP Cell Camera Provides New High-Resolution Option For The Corrections Market

Vicon Industries has introduced a new 3MP version of its heavy-duty Roughneck V-CELL-HD-B camera, specially designed for use in custodial suites and prison cells.

This ONVIF compliant camera features stainless steel assembly, security screws and polycarbonate windows that protect the camera and IR illuminators.

Its unique triangular shape accommodates mounting at the juncture of two walls and the ceiling and, once installed, the camera should be permanently sealed to the wall to create a ligature-proof and water-resistant housing.

The camera’s 3MP performance and 36 IR LED illuminators, combined with a 2.3 mm lens, provide complete room coverage with no blind spots in all lighting conditions. Additional features particularly applicable for in-cell use include built-in speaker and microphone for two way communication and privacy-masking capabilities.

“Vicon has long been a preferred solutions provider within the corrections sector. Our new 3MP cell camera expands the options available to detention facilities seeking purpose-built end-to-end surveillance systems that meet the demanding requirements of their unique environment,” said Bret McGowan, Senior V.P. of Sales and Marketing.

See Vicon’s newest cameras on display at ISC West, booth 10077.

Vicon has been a leading provider of mission-critical security surveillance systems.